Run Moore Reviews: Arahi 5 & Gaviota 3

Thank you so much for checking out our channel today we are doing two reviews, the new Hoka One One Arahi 5 & Gaviota 3. Fun fact, later this year, they will drop the One One part of their name and just be Hoka.

Arahi 5 Review

The Arahi 5 and the Gaviota 3 are the companion shoes of Hoka’s popular Clifton and Bondi. The Arahi is Hoka’s everyday, light, trainer, stability shoe. If you were looking to compare it to other shoes, it would be the Hoka equivalent of Brook’s Adrenaline or the Asics gt 2000 as they are also mid cushion stability shoes. What separates the Arahi from its companion shoe, the Hoka Clifton is the JFrame stability. When you put the Arahi on, you’ll feel yourself with a little bit more stability wrapped around the heel. The JFrame is designed to prevent runners from overpronating. If you’ve watched any of our reviews on the previous or Arahis, I didn’t love this shoe for somebody who lightly supinates, I kind of felt that it threw you off, but being in the shoe around the shop, I feel a difference with the JFrame from previous iterations.

Who should wear the Arahi 5

So for the Arahi 5, I like for somebody who’s under pronating but also for somebody who’s overpronating. If you have a history of plantar fasciitis or maybe you have wear on the inside of your shoes and are looking for a shoe to do some everyday miles, I would pull the Arahi. It’s not super heavy and has a five-millimetre drop, so it still has sort of that natural sensation like a midfoot strike which is nice compared to the Brooks Adrenaline.

A couple of little changes from the previous version is the new popular heel cup design. This new heel cup helps people get in and out of their shoes quickly and easily. The Arahi also feels light and breathable. I noticed this seemed to fit a little bit wider than the 4, thanks to a newly designed upper.

Fast Facts About Arahi 5:

  • 7.8 oz (W) 9.7 oz (M)
  • 5mm Drop
  • 27mm heel 22mm forefoot (W)
  • 29mm heel 24mm forefoot (M)
  • For Women’s Footwear: B is the standard width, 2A is narrow, D is wide, and 2E is extra wide.
    For Men’s Footwear: D is the standard width, B is narrow, 2E is wide, and 4E is extra wide.
  • $130 right now on our website.

Gaviota 3 Review

The Gaviota 2 had been around for two years, so it was ready for an update. The Gaviota is the max cushion max stability version in the Hoka stability line up. You might want to compare some shoes to would be the Asics Keyano or the Brooks Transcend (which is now the Glycerin GTS) or Mizuno Horizon. Compared to the Arahi, the Gaviota has a little more weight by design and a bigger platform. Even comparing the J Frame to the Arahi, you can see more protection.

Arahi on the Left the Gaviota is on the Right

The Gaviota is great for somebody who might have a bigger frame or somebody who wants a shoe that’s going to go for longer miles. It also comes in wide, even though the new version does feel nice and wide compared to the previous version. I would say, if you were on the cusp of needing a wide versus a standard for the Gaviota 2, I think you should be alright in the standard option with the new updates.

The Gaviota is available in wide and standard both for Men and Women, but it is not available in an extra-wide like the Hoka Bondi 7.

The Gaviota is Hoka’s max cushion stability shoe, so if you’re looking for that shoe for your long runs and are someone who severely over/under pronates, you can get some good miles out of this shoe.

Fast Facts about the Gaviota 3

  • 9.3 oz (W), 11.3 oz (M)
  • 5 mm drop.
  • For Women’s Footwear: B is the standard width, 2A is narrow, D is wide, and 2E is extra wide.
  • For Men’s Footwear: D is the standard width, B is narrow, 2E is wide, and 4E is extra wide.
  • $160 on our website

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