Mizuno Horizon 5 Review

Good Morning everybody. My name is Steve Moore. I am the owner of Run Moore, this brick-and-mortar running shop located on Main Street in Westminster, Maryland. Thank you so much for checking out our channel. Today we are going to be talking about the new Mizuno Horizon 5. This shoe is coming out at the end of march early April of 2021. This is Mizuno’s most cushiony, most stable running shoe that they make.

Mizuno Horizon 5 Details

  • Weight: Men 11.7oz | Women 9.7 oz
  • Drop: 10 mm
  • Road
  • Daily Training
  • $160
  • Max Cushion & Max Stability
Men'sMizuno Horizon 5Women's Mizuno Horizon 5


We have been carrying Mizuno since we opened in 2014, and I’ve kind of always had a soft spot in my heart for Mizuno. I have run in them from time to time in college and post-college, and I always had pretty good success with them, and I just think they are a nice little brand.  A lot of our customers are unfamiliar with Mizuno, they frequently ask when we pull the shoe for them, is this a new brand? Not at all! They started making athletic wear in 1906, Mizuno has been around for a long time. They have been making running shoes since the very early ’80s, but as far as the brand making athletic stuff and baseball gloves and golf clubs go, they have been around since 1906. So, they have been around the block a little bit here.

Wave Plate Technology

This shoe has been a nice update from version 4. Version 5 is going to be your max stability, max cushion shoe. What is famous about Mizuno and what is going to go into this shoe is their Wave Plate. If you know Mizuno, all of their shoes have sort of like the wave, there is a Wave Inspire, there is the Wave Rider there is the way this is the Horizon. What makes the wave special is that it is designed to sort of do two things. 1. It helps with cushioning, and 2. it helps with stabilization. Their shoes have a wave plate in the middle of their different layers with layers of the midsole. The idea is that as you step down, your shock absorption gets better distributed around the shoe because of the wave technology built-in there. Depending on how the plate is positioned and shaped, it will help with different levels of stability.

Max Cushion Max Stability

This is a full-wave plate designed to help with shock absorption and help with shock stability as well. It is sandwiched between their new midsole.  This x-pop midsole with a nice wave plate in there to help with cushion and stability.  I might pull this for somebody who might be looking at like an Asics Keyano or maybe like a Brooks Beast. When we talk about stability shoes, we talk about somebody who over or under pronates, where this kind of falls in the line, and what is happening with your foot and some of the shoes. Brands all have their own different ways of doing stabilization. We mentioned this one has that wave plate, but it also has these little ridges that kind of go around the shoe on both the medial and the lateral side. Now that we have this plate technology that is designed to help with stabilization, just the shape and the geometry of the shoe are designed to help you from both rotating in or out.

It’s a Stable Stability Shoe

A customer looking at the Mizuno Horizon 5 might also try on the Hoka Gaviota as it is also a max stability shoe. This type of customer is looking for a shoe that can cope with longer miles, they want a big cushion and max stability. Still, they might put on the Gaviota and say, I feel so unstable in the shoe. I feel like I’m all over the place. The roll feels weird, or maybe another shoe out there with a lower heel doesn’t feel stable. The word that I use when I pull the Horizon, is sturdy. You feel stable in this shoe. It does not feel like you are rocking, you do not feel like you are rolling, you do not feel stiff. You feel secure in this shoe and not secure like super tight or narrow or snug; you just feel very stable. That is sort of what you are hoping for in a stability shoe.

Heel to Toe Drop

You can also tell by looking at the shoe that has a significant heel-to-toe drop. Again, every brand has its own different ways of heel drops and stability. This is a traditional 10-millimeter heel-to-toe drop. To put that in comparison, a Brooks Beast will be a little bit higher at 12 millimeters. Many people are familiar with more of a higher heel drop. Someone who is like an old-school runner or somebody who’s just used to having shoes that have a higher drop feels a little bit more like a stable home than some of the stuff over there. That may have a little bit different, though, and just experience what you want to experience on their stability and how their heel drop feels.

Why the higher heel drop might benefit you

Somebody who might want to try the Mizuno Horizon 5 might be pronating. But with the high drop of this shoe, someone with Achilles or heel pain could also benefit from the Horizon 5.  I’ve noticed in the store, that when somebody comes in that has Achilles tendonitis or just sort of that heel pain that’s bothering them, that’s non-planar plantar fasciitis, if you sort of help raise and stabilize the heel, it sort of helps some of the inflammation go down.

Horizon 5 Width

The Horizon 5 is nice and wide. In the video, I am showing a standard although the Horizon comes in wide as well.  In the past, I’ve had some Mizuno shoes going back to like the Wave Rider, where I would have to have to size up a little bit because it was cut a little bit narrow. This is great and wide. I don’t need to size up. I do not need to go to a wide shoe. It fits and feels great. Even though it does weigh a little bit, 11.7 ounces on the men’s and 9.7oz on the women’s. It does not feel all that clunky. This will be great for somebody who is going again long-distance stuff or just wants a big cushiony shoe or somebody doing long walking.

I trust it enough to send to my Father In Law

Just to show how much I sort of like this shoe, my father-in-law is a big walker. He walks about six miles a day. Recently, he reached out to me, and he has been having hip pain. He asked, do you know what shoe you would recommend to me? He has been having hip pain on the outside of his leg, and it has been bugging him, slowing up his walking. I have all these shoes at my disposal. I can send him one pair of shoes that I think will work for him, this is the shoe that I am going to send him. It is going to be perfect for him for what he is doing. It is going to make him feel sturdy. He is not somebody who wants to be rocking and rolling. He also some of the other stuff that is something that he can feel like he is going to get a little bit of energy return something he can feel nice and stable, and it will prevent him from over-under pronating.


We get this question a lot on shoes, what’s the life expectancy of a shoe? How long can I wear a pair of shoes? We always say 350 to 500 miles is sort of our end goal. Obviously, that is a pretty big range because there is a ton of different variables, like how often you are running, the type of surface that you are on, are you rotating your shoes, etc. I have found, and you probably have this experience, that some brands last longer than others. There might be a brand out there that has more exposed foam or is squishier and softer, and you can kind of feel over time, you get lower and lower.

How Far can I go?

Mizuno shoes are some of the most durable shoes we have out there. I always think you will get on you are going on the high side of the spectrum. For walking shoes; again, it is just a guessing range of on there. If you are going to be getting like 500 miles of running, I do not see any reason you could not get 750 miles of walking out of the shoe.

Conclusion & Questions

This is going to be your everyday walking shoe. Mizuno Horizon 5 is $160. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below. If you have had a good experience with Mizuno, also leave it down below. I am curious to see what people think. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are always here, happy to help, and if you like our videos, give us a like and subscribe. It really helps us find new people. We have a link down below to our online store,, where you can purchase this shoe or any other fine shoes here. Enter promo code runmoore at checkout to save 10%, and we will ship it out to you for free. Thank you so much, and stay safe out there and happy running thanks!

Men'sMizuno Horizon 5Women's Mizuno Horizon 5