Free Gait Analysis

One aspect that separates Run Moore from large chain box stores is the individual attention each customer receives. When you come in, our first priority is finding out about your current running regimen, what your running history is, and what your future goals are. Even if you are not a runner we will want to know what kinds of aches and pains you have and what you are looking to achieve.

We offer a complimentary and quick gait analysis to assess and highlight biomechanical abnormalities or deficiencies in your gait. This will help you get the proper shoes for your running or walking needs. Whether you are the daily walker, new to running, or an elite competitive runner, having the shoe that best compliments your gait can have an enormous effect on comfort, performance, and injury prevention. The right shoe just might make you more likely to Run Moore.

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We brought Albert in to help us with our gait analysis. It is a useful tool to help us provide personal recommendations.  Albert has 16 cameras and 5,000 sensors to give a 3D image of your foot and it also shows us where you place the most pressure. It will tell us your exact size, width, and arch type to help us align you with the proper footwear or orthotics. Albert is pretty amazing and is most often employee of the month. He is available whenever the shop is open!

Albert is available for us during store hours. No appointment or purchase required.

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