What our customers say:

I came across with the online store and ended up purchasing 2 Hoka shoes. I try to support “local” businesses even though I am not local and I am thoroughly impressed by Run Moore. Hokas are Hoka everywhere but the tiny little details that they paid attention to, makes it well worth it. I hope I can stop by the physical store someday.

Alper Online Customer

I bought a pair of Hoka running shoes (actually the type for transitioning from walking to running) from Steve 3 weeks ago and I have found them to be great shoes! Steve was very thorough in his analysis of my gait and walking style and recommended three different brands. I tried each and went with the Hokas. I had a partial knee replacement 8 months ago and am just getting back into being able to walk and jog a bit without pain. Years ago I was an avid marathoner putting in 70-80 mile weeks and running sub3s. Steve knows his stuff when it comes to running and getting you the right shoe for your style of running and training. I highly recommend him and his store!


Steve and his staff are so knowledgeable, kind, and have a variety of products that fit every runner's need. Regardless of your running ability or knowledgebase, you'll feel super important and they'll point you in the right direction. Thanks for being the best!


Well worth the hour drive coming from a different state. To say the staff is knowledgeable about the industry would be an understatement. Looking forward to returning in the near future!


Hands down the best place to get running, or in my case, walking shoes. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, love the support and knowledge given to kids. They take their time in making sure you have shoes that work for you. ❤️ and will keep coming back.


Amazing service! That's it. Outstanding. I saw an early review of the new Altra Paradigm 4.0 that Steve had put on Youtube. Here in Norway, they are not even available yet. So I contacted Steve and asked if he could ship to a hotel in the US that I was going to visit. "No problem". He looped back with me to ensure that I was ok with the shipping address, etc. and then, as I arrived, my new Paradigms were waiting for me. And inside, a very nice greeting card from Steve. As a Norwegian, I am not used to this level of service, and now I cannot but recommend Run Moore to all my friends. Thanks a lot, Steve!

MichaelOnline Customer

Stopped by today for the first time. Spoke with the owner about a new pair of running shoes. Super nice, and friendly. He even put up with my 3 year old asking a bunch of questions and running around. He took the time to talk to me about my step and the type of shoe that would benefit me. Left with two pair of shoes. Just got home and put some time in on my Air runner with one of my new pair of shoes and could not be happier. Highly recommend.


I went in last week and had a great shopping experience. Steve helped me and carefully listened to what my issues were. The time he spent finding me the right shoe was priceless. I'm a strong advocate of shopping the local, small business owners instead of the big chains. I will definitely be back and will certainly recommend you to all my friends. Thanks!!


Sold me on toe socks! Such a comfortable shop to walk into.


I was ready for a new pair of walking shoes but really had no idea what to buy. Steve took the time to scan my feet, talk to me about what is important in shoes, and give me 3 options to choose from. I found a fabulous match that I am so excited to put some miles on. The attentive assistance makes all the difference in the world in a shoe shop. Thanks Run Moore - I’ll definitely be back.


Where I get all my shoes; owner and staff and friendly and knowledgeable. Go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and to listen and help. I recommend Run Moore, Steve and his crew, to anyone who is looking for the best running gear.


Just left Run Moore. Wow. What great service. Steve was great at educating me on what shoe would give me the best comfort and performance. He fitted me with 5 pairs and I ran on the treadmill with each one. Try getting that type of personalized service at a big box retail chain. It's not going to happen.


I’ve been out of the running game for a few years now and did a lot of research of where to get new shoes and get back into it. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Run Moore! Steve listened to me explain some issues I’ve had with past shoes and was so patient letting me try on several options and test them out on the treadmill. He also gave me some encouragement I needed to work toward my goal. I came home with a very different shoe than I'm used to but I did my first run with them this morning and I’m so pleased! No joint pain and no foot cramps the whole run for maybe the first time ever. I could have run in them all day. Totally worth the trip!


A friendly staff that is always willing to take the time needed to help. Steve and his employees are very knowledgeable and the new sizing machine is awesome. PLus they ordered the Zensah Unicorn 🦄 sleeves for me because they were made to order and for running stores only. I love them!


I highly recommend Run Moore. Steve Moore and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional and fun. They will get you in the very best shoe for your needs. They are patient too. I try on at least five pair before purchasing one and they would bring me more if it was needed. They have a foot analyzer that shows your arch, foot width, height, pressure points and more! So cool!


I picked up my first pair of Newton's this weekend from Steve at RUN MOORE. He's so knowledgable about what he's selling. Happy for the opportunity to support him and hope to do so for a long, long time.


I'm involved in a sport that couldn't be further from running, and I've found Run Moore useful for specialty products. If you run and live or work anywhere in or around Westminster, you have to check this place out!