Three Year

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I have a unique perspective on the growth of the store. While our official grand opening was August 19, 2014, to me, it was born that February of 2014. My youngest son Cooper was just born, and while I had a few days off work, I needed running shoes; this is where the idea for Run Moore was born. Each milestone achieved, both of the store and my son, is inseparable for me. People ask, “How long has Run Moore been around?” And to me, the answer is, “Long enough to tread water in the pool with floaties on.”

When I sat down to write this intro for our newsletter, I had a much harder time than usual. I can normally sit down and just start typing, but this time I found it to be very difficult. It’s hard to put in words what I’m feeling right now, but I’ll try.

When someone I don’t know walks into the shop and asks how I am, I typically respond, “I’m living the dream.” It seems like it is said in jest, but I really mean it.  Every day I get to talk about my passion: running. It is crazy how we have turned this small idea of opening up my own shop into reality in less than three years -and the result is more than I could have dreamed of. With your help, we have won awards and expanded our store. We have been a part of many people’s running journies and successes. We have partnered with local charities to raise funds for a variety of causes and have helped runners achieve their personal goals.

Through Run Moore, I have been able to share my passion for running with the community. I have been hosting a radio show about fitness each week, and next Spring I’ll be teaching a class on trail running. The things we’ve done and seen would have been unfathomable to me a few years ago.
Not to mention I am feeling healthy and looking to compete in another Fall marathon myself. After three years, I feel like I finally have a really good balance between the shop, my family, and my own running.

These opportunities that have come along would not have been possible without such an incredible community and wonderful staff. Just last week we received our 94th 5-star review on Facebook. This one felt special though because the review was about an experience when I was not in the shop, it was just my capable staff. Thanks to them I can find other venues to grow the store. I have faith in their ability to provide our customers with the best experience and knowledge.

Thanks to them I can volunteer at a charity event at the hospital one day and plan a 5k course the next. It is wonderful to be surrounded by staff who care just as much as I do about the shop and running. I am so fortunate to have such amazing people working with me who legitimately care about each customer and want to see Run Moore grow.

I hope to be able to thank everyone who has made this dream a reality in the upcoming week. The Three Year Anniversary on Saturday, August 19th, should be a lot of fun. Even if you’re not in the market for anything, please stop by and have a bite to eat so I can say thank you. I am so excited about the direction we are headed, and I can’t wait to see where the business will be in another three years.

Super Shane

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                 My appendix gave out on me last month.  I had big plans to take my appendix on a lot more adventures with me over the course of my lifetime, but, alas, it was not meant to be. I’ve had a ton of running-related injuries over the course of my running career, (most of them were due to faulty training), that required me to regroup my thought and energy, but something about this “injury” bothered me. I don’t know if it was because I had just started thinking about a fall race or the fact that this came out of nowhere, but I found myself very eager to start running ASAP.  Since I started back up, I am focusing on not taking any run for granted.
                While I was going through the appendix surgery, my friend Shane was going through his battle.  Shane has MS, and ever since I met him he has always inspired and amazed me. Last year he came to me with an idea of running 100 miles to raise funds for the local MS chapter. Shane has been battling the disease for years, and, despite everything, he has always maintained a unwaveringly positive outlook.  While his outlook stays strong, over the past two years or so I have seen his physical energies vary from bouncing around the shop with excitement to looking like complete crap and having a hard time keeping up a conversation. He trains depending on the weather (temperature levels tend to impact individuals with MS) and on his drops in energy levels, for he frequently has the shakes. From November until June 10th, he was set to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours. Unfortunately, his quest was cut short.
                Due to a change in his gait from MS, he has been landing very hard on the outside edge of his foot. Over time, all the miles and pounding have done severe damage to his foot and 33 miles into his journey he had to seek medical treatment. His day was cut short, and his prognosis is still TBD. For now, he is back to cycling, but he is already thinking about another century attempt.  His attitude throughout was unbelievable and inspirational. His resolve has certainly helped me acquire a different view of my own lot in life.
                  Meeting people like Shane has been one of the many added bonuses to opening the shop. I am amazed all the time by the number of amazing people that come in and out.  Next time you are feeling a little burned out or down on your running, pop in for a pub run and I will point out a few local beasts and I promise you will feel buoyed. Not all heroes wear capes; some wear Hoka’s.

We’re going streaking! -From our January Newsletter

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winter-running As the weather changes, (this would be the 17th year that I have run in shorts during the winter). I have run in shorts through blizzards, wind advisories, temperature advisories, sleet, and snow. Wearing shorts in subzero temperatures has become a stupid symbol of my refusal to compromise with Mother Nature –something that I am proud of.

So, why do I do this? Well, it started out because I hated running in pants. I know the technology has improved tremendously since the last time I ran in long pants. But I cannot erase the constraining feeling of those itchy pants. I refuse for something as trivial as pants to take away my enjoyment of running. After I made this vow to myself to only run in shorts I have learned many important lessons. However, if I decide to share some of my tips for running in the cold, and they inspire you to join me on this chilly voyage, you have to give me some credit. Deal?

The first thing I discovered about running in the cold was that as long as my core and fingers were warm, the rest of my body would stay warm too. To compensate for my chilly legs, I usually wear two pairs of gloves and a base layer top with a t-shirt on top. Having a shirt that is tight allows my body heat to stay close to me and keeps me cozy and warm. My other secret is that I like to do some pushups right before I head out. If try to get my heart rate up, and get the blood flowing it can help me stay warm throughout the entire run.

A wise man once told me that you do not need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows… but I am pretty sure there is an app for that. Regardless, when I leave the house I get a feel for the wind, and pick routes that would push against the wind as to run with the wind at my back on the way home. I believe that one of the worst things you can do is start with the wind behind you, get a little sweat going, only to have the sweat freeze onto your body on the way back.

My last tip I learned is from my experience with chest cramps on cold days. I’ve tried everything from inhaling/exhaling exclusively when my foot hits the ground to taking big, deep breaths to help expand my lungs. Nothing seemed to work for me, and I was worried that my days running in the cold would have to end. Finally, one day I tried drinking a hot beverage as I was heading out for my run and boom –no cramps. Now when I am walking out the door I am usually sipping a hot mug of coffee or tea. It seems like if I can get that warmth inside my chest when it starts it keeps me warm my whole run.

There may be a day in the future when I have to end my streak and try running tights or something else, but for now, these tips seem to be working just fine. I am planning another winter of weird looks from people passing by and red, ashy kneecaps. Hopefully, after this article, I will see others taking on the shorts look with me this winter.