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My Sister is a Rockstar

By November 30, 2023 No Comments

Last week, my two best friends and I drove to Richmond to watch my sister run her first marathon. This was a massive deal, and I’m thrilled we made the trip. My sister Molly, who often assists at various store events, has achieved an incredible feat—losing 100lbs over the past few years. One day, she made a decision to change her life, and she did just that. She started with walks on a treadmill, progressed to daily workouts on the Peloton app, and then ventured into running, never looking back.

Growing up, Molly was someone who could easily sleep until noon, and until then, tiptoeing around her room was a must. She wasn’t involved in sports, and besides being an avid reader, she didn’t have many other hobbies that I can recall. My two friends, who’ve known Molly for over 25 years, witnessed this tremendous transformation. The sister I knew, who used to wake up for lunch, now joins me for early morning trail runs with headlamps. During one of our trail runs, while climbing a steep hill, she exclaimed, “Can you believe we’re out here doing this together?” To that, I had no answer.

For her marathon, we surprised her by not revealing our presence. The race was roughly three hours away, and navigating through the city during the event could add detours. Rising at 3:30 am, we hit the road. We settled at mile 3.5, holding giant signs of encouragement, eagerly waiting for her to pass by. Witnessing her approach in her Run Moore singlet and seeing her face light up upon hearing our cheers remains one of my all-time running highlights. We managed to spot her at 5-6 points during the race. Despite encountering a calf issue at mile 11, she ran remarkably. True to a runner’s spirit, she was already discussing plans for the next race and what she’d do differently just hours after crossing the finish line.

Molly has accompanied me to numerous races over the years, supporting me as my ‘bag woman,’ meeting me at different points in races with fuel or encouragement. Last April, she joined me in Boston, aiding in navigating the marathon’s intricate logistics. As it poured rain during the second half of that race, having her at the finish line with fresh clothes and arranging a warm Uber ride likely saved me from hypothermia. We made our way outside the city to our hotel, half an hour away, thanks to the exorbitant prices everyone was charging that weekend. It was incredible to be on the other side of things for her.

What’s truly inspirational about her journey is that she achieved it through sheer hard work and dedication—no frills, no extreme diets. Just pure determination and grit. With an almost 1,000-day streak of workouts on Peloton, she never misses a planned running day. Quietly, without boasting on social media or preaching to others, she relentlessly works on improving herself. She’s a hero, proving that anyone who’s willing to put in the effort can achieve anything they desire, regardless of age or background.

Thank you for reading! Next week, I’ll share my experiences from The Running Event in Austin—an annual conference and tradeshow where I get to preview all the 2024 shoes and connect with brands and running friends from around the country. I can’t wait to share all the exciting stuff I discover with you!


Jenny, Molly and Clair at Richmond