Hardworking and Ready to Help!

Learn more about our great team below!

Steve Moore

Owner & Founder

Run Moore opened its doors in the Summer of 2014 to the local running community. The idea for the store was born, coincidentally enough, after the birth of owner Steve Moore’s second son. It was during his time off that Steve needed new running shoes but didn’t have the time to leave Carroll County to go to a run specialty store. Realizing there was a need in the area for our running store Steve set out for a store that would not only provide shoes but also knowledge, group runs, books, nutritional accessories and much more.

Some of our Year Round Staff

Colleen Kerman


Colleen has been working with Run Moore since the day we opened. She was one of the top runners in the area in high school and competed at nationals for Elizabeth College where she recently graduated. She is training for her first marathon this fall with hopes of achieving her Boston Marathon standard.

Jack Ferguson


Jack has been working with Run Moore since the summer of 2018. Jack comes from a long family tradition of running and athletics. In addition to running Jack spends his time playing soccer and is currently studying at Carroll Community College.

Molly Moore

Community Relations Director

Molly is our Community Relations Director. She helps coordinate our donations and philanthropical endeavors in the community as well as provides much-needed support at the shop on our busy days. Molly recently took up running but mainly does her workout in various gym classes.

Dave Zobel

Graphic Designer

David has provided us with awesome graphics since we opened in 2014. He is the mastermind behind all are amazing logos and designs. David met Steve in 1994 when they ran cross country together in high school. Dave also teaches graphic design and currently runs roughly 50 miles a week.

Lucy Benson

Social Media Manager

Lucy started working for Run Moore as an intern in Fall 2016. She helps Steve not lose his hair over 'The Facebook' and 'Instaface' and assists with the monthly newsletter. She ran cross country in both high school & college but now mostly runs to tire her dog out!