New Spring Brooks Shoes

Brooks Transcend 7 & Brooks Beast / Ariel 20

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Brooks Transcend 7

The first shoe up is the Brooks Transcend 7, the best way to describe this shoe is like a Brooks Glycerin but with guide rails. This is a max cushion shoe that features guide rails both inside and outside the shoe.  This was a running store speciality shoe, and until recently, you had to find a running store to purchase until recently. We usually recommend these shoes for new runners but also can be used for marathon runs. With the Brooks Transcend you will be able to feel the support and the plush inside, Brooks wants you to feel like this shoe was almost made for your foot. 

This is a great shoe for long runs; I used it when I was training for my marathon, and it helped when I was suffering from ITB issues in my leg. 

They are only available in one width, B+ for Women and D+ for men. 

This shoe featured nice, stretchy, breathable fabric and you can splay your toes, this shoe normally retails for $160, but on our website, you can have it for 10% off and free shipping. 

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  • SUPPORT: Supportive
  • MIDSOLE DROP: 10mm
  • WEIGHT: 10.7oz Women 9.5 oz
  • ARCH: Flat, Medium
    USE: Road Running

Brooks Beast 20 & Brooks Ariel 20

The Brooks Beast is an old classic. The beast for men or known as the ariel for women feels great on your feet, hips, and knees. 

It is known for being a tank of a shoe, but Brooks has recently taken out that hard piece of posting and placed a guide rail instead. This is a game-changer of a shoe; you can wear them to work, or for walking or if you are new to running. This shoe feels very supportive, and this update has not gotten rid of the classic features that we love about the Brooks Beast/Ariel. It still has the same interior and is a max stability shoe. 

There are multiple widths available, standard width, wide, or a super wide for the beast: D 2E 4E 

For the ariel: B D 2E 

If you like the Beast you may also want to try the Mizuno Horizon or the Hoka Gaviota 

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  • SUPPORT: Max Support
  • MIDSOLE: DROP 12mm
  • WEIGHT: 11.7oz 10.7 oz for women 
  • ARCH: Flat, Medium
  • TYPE: Cushion 
  • TECHNOLOGY: Guide Rails, BioMoGo DNA
  • USE: Road Running