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The Sneaker Diaries – Week 3

By August 29, 2023 No Comments

In the third installment of a series I like to call “Sneaker Diaries,” I ran in five different pairs over five runs! While it wasn’t the original plan, it’s what the week demanded. On Tuesday, I hit the trail in my Hoka Stinson 7s. It was a comfortable 10-mile run on a diverse route, and the shoes felt fantastic.

On Wednesday, I headed to the track for a speed session with the Newton Isaac. One of my all-time favorite runs is a 4-5 mile progression run. In my Newtons, I progressed from a 6:33 pace down to a 5:36 pace for the final mile, completing 4 miles in 24:24. This was my second run in the new Newtons, and I found myself enjoying them even more this time.

Thursday brought an hour-long run through town with the McDaniel College Cross Country team. The coach had invited me to join them to discuss the store and ensure the students knew our location. I ended up running along with them, enjoying a refreshing jog in the rain. For this run, I opted for the Brooks Hyperion Max, which proved perfect for the smooth road miles.

Saturday involved some easy miles in the New Balance Supercomp Trainers V2. Following a golf tournament on Friday that left me drained due to poor food choices and excessive sun exposure, Saturday’s run was shorter and less enjoyable.

Sunday saw me in the Diadora Equipe Sestriere XL, and it was quite delightful. While I don’t usually hit the trails on Sundays, I needed to try out these Diadora shoes for an upcoming review. To be honest, I had been hesitant because they didn’t appear as comfortable as my other trail shoes, but I was pleasantly surprised. The shoes provided a cushioned and swift experience on the trail, offering both nimbleness and agility.

While it wasn’t a high-mileage week, I did manage two runs over 8 miles and had a strong track workout. It was a diverse week featuring various surfaces, companions, and shoes.