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Sneaker Diaries: Week 4 End of an Era

By September 3, 2023 No Comments

I just had an amazing realization that would not have been possible if not for writing this blog. I ran five times this week and not once did I run in a pair of Hoka’s. That has to be the first time in several years that happened. I didn’t go out of my way to not run in them, I just have a lot of other shoes in my rotation that I like as much or more than their Hoka counterpart. It’s safe to say that of all the brands I work with, I run the most miles in, by far, is Hoka. Their average heel-to-toe drop of around 5mm seems to be perfect for me. So, it is only natural that more of their shoes tend to agree with my body. Over time though, other brands are making more shoes in that zone and add other Hoka-like features like a wide toe box or metarocker platform. Whatever the reason, it made me do a double take when going through my weekly shoe recap.


I had a lighter milage week than I had planned, but had some good runs nonetheless. I ran in my New Balance SuperComp Trainers, Newton Isaac twice, Diadora Sestrere XT and a secret shoe from Altra that comes out later this year. The Altra shoe was something I had been looking foreword to trying for months. It’s a big change for the brand and the shoe was fantastic. I am excited to review this model and think it will bring a brand new customer base to the brand. Really excited to be able to get to try this shoe out before it’s release.


This coming week is the first week of school for my kids and a return to a normal training plan. I have had a wonderful stretch of easy runs with a goal of just hitting 5 days a week with most on the trail. I am planning to put some focus back into my training, at least for a mini block, between now and a family trip I am taking soon. I always enjoy a stretch of really hard work before a vacation so I can go enjoy myself without too much pressure to train or watch my diet. There’s nothing worse than having to wave off a dessert when you’re on a trip due to upcoming race guilt.