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Sneaker Diaries – Week 2

By August 29, 2023 No Comments

In the second week of my running blog, I was back into a slightly more typical routine. This week saw me hitting the trails three times, taking on the road once, and diving into a track run. Our trail routes remain tweaked due to the lingering debris from the recent storm, which served as a reminder that Mother Nature still holds the reins, and her aftermath will be felt in the trails for quite some time.

Given the trail conditions, I opted for my fresh Hoka Stinson 7’s for a couple of my trail escapades. These shoes are like the Hoka Gaviota 5’s rugged cousin, ready to handle anything. When I’m in them, it feels like I could plow through anything without a care. They’re practically a pair of trail rafts, just in case! Surprisingly nimble for their size, they perform admirably on fast runs and technical terrain alike.

For my road run, I laced up the New Balance SuperComp Trainer V2. What a difference from its predecessor! I’ve already logged more miles in this version than I did with the previous one, which I eventually swapped with another runner. This is precisely why I find the concept of stocking up on identical shoes a bit counterintuitive. There’s a vast array of excellent models and updates out there, and being locked into one style can keep you from discovering a superior alternative.

On the track, my trusty Altra Tempo’s got a workout, even though it was just an easy mile run. These shoes are so cozy and glide so seamlessly that a relaxed run in them feels almost effortless. All in all, I chalked up a satisfying 45 miles this week, covering various terrains and giving different shoes a whirl. Just the kind of week I relish. Stay tuned for more running tales!