April Run Moore Newsletter

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our virtual yoga class or who played along with the virtual pub run. I miss seeing everyone and those events put me in a great mood. We are doing another participation event this week so check out details a little deeper in the newsletter.

Before all this craziness, I was training for this months Boston Marathon. I considered myself extremely fortunate to get through the winter without missing a single long run from snow or even a muscle strain. I hate to admit it but I threw myself a little pity party when it was postponed. Missing a race from an injury happens but feeling fit and ready without racing made me feel like I was all dressed up for the prom with no date.

I was super proud of the consistency I put together over the past half a year for this race. I also know I’ll be able to build on those miles when the race is finally run. I kind of wanted some closure on the training now though. I wanted something in the log to show I was on the right track for the race and that I was in my goal race pace. I ended up doing a hard half marathon around my neighborhood last week. It fell on my 40th birthday so I now have my fastest half time as a master runner to boot.

The run went great and it gave me an insight into my current level of fitness and perhaps what kind of race I could have had in Boston. While not the ideal situation, it was nice to be in total control of my own little neighborhood half marathon. After all this, I will be able to look back with great memories of my 40th birthday.

I hope everyone is able to keep running right now. Thanks for all the support and stay safe.