Hoka One One Clifton 7

The Clifton 7 is set to come out August 1st 2020, the most popular shoe that Hoka One One makes. When we first opened in 2014 the Hoka Clifton was a tough shoe to sell because they were so goofy looking, it is great to see how the appearance has changed over the years.

The Clifton is a mid cushion neutral shoe. It looks really big bulky shoe, but it is light, this is comparable to the Brooks Ghost as they are both in the same family. The Clifton is an everyday workhorse shoe from Hoka, a lot of people use this as their race day, long-distance trainer or some people just walk in it.
The main focus of Hoka is rolling you smoothly and efficiently forward. Not too much weight or too much lightness its right in the middle.

Hoka Family

  • Heavier beefier for a bigger frame or longer miles the Bondi is a great choice, and it is a little denser.
  • A lighter fast pace Rincon 2
  • A race day shoe for an elite level shoe is the carbon X -their fastest race day shoe.
hoka one one shoe family

Companion Shoe

The companion shoe to the Clifton is the Arahi, a light stability shoe, but the difference is the J frame. The Arahi is great for someone who overpronates and needs a little more support on the arch support, and this extra density on the midfoot will help guide you back into more of a neutral position.

Updates from Previous Generations

Compared to the Clifton 6, the weight has gone down from 9.4oz to 9oz in the Men and 7.4oz to 7.1oz for the women. Another new feature is the new heel cup which makes for a smoother rounded step-in feel.
The upper feels a lot better to me, while this shoe isn’t any narrower it feels like it fits better, this feels very breathable and airy. It hugs your foot in a better way than the Clifton 6 did. I think this has a nice width, but it doesn’t feel like you have to move up to a wide. These shoes are available in wide, for men, it goes up to a 2E and women a D. There are no narrow versions of this shoe. In the future, there will be other Hoka shoes available in super-wide like the upcoming Bondi.
The softness on the Clifton is always controversial because the newer models are getting firmer if you like the softness of the six you will like the softness of the Clifton 7.

Stack Height

The stack height looks like an optical illusion, its fairly low at 5mm.
If someone is looking to do gym stuff, I would not recommend this shoe. The stack height is so tall that side to side exercises can be risky. I think this as more of a run/walk shoe than as a gym shoe.


In conclusion, this shoe is great for everyday training, especially if you are new to running. Because it is so forgiving this shoe is very popular for everyday wear, going to work and walking. A lot of the nurses in our local hospital wear this shoe because it is perfect for all-day use.

The Hoka Clifton 7 is available for $130.

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