Brooks Ghost 13

The Brooks Ghost 13 will be released in August 2020. The Ghost is an extremely popular shoe because it checks a lot of boxes. We see that a lot of physical therapists recommend this shoe as “a good shoe” as it accommodates so many people and has a nice price point. In our store, we use the Brooks Ghost as a baseline, and it is a perfect “right down the middle” mid cushion neutral shoe.

There are lighter Brooks shoes, such as the launch and there are heavier & more cushion shoes like the Glycerin, but the Ghost is the perfect middle goldilocks shoe of the Brooks family.

New Changes

There are a few little changes that they have made from previous generations. It is now lighter, on the men they have gone from 10.4 oz –> 10.1oz and 9.3-8.8oz for the Women.

I think they have shaved some weight by making a more breathable upper, which I think is a nice upgrade. I have also noticed that the 3D stretch material it is going to expand your foot a little more, I felt the 13 is a little more stretchy in this shoe than the previous model. It holds my foot and feels a little more forgiving. Because the Ghost is so popular, there are loads of colors and sizes. They do make this shoe in different widths, from wide and narrow.

What Does Midcushion Neutral Mean?

The Brooks Ghost is a mid cushion neutral shoe, and what I like about these kinds of shoes is that they are not going to fix you or pull you one way or another. Whatever your natural inclination is in this shoe, it’s going to accommodate you. Their new prominent feature in this shoe is their DNA loft that’s their cushion blend to protect you all the way through. The Ghost still has the 12mm stack height from heel to toe and their DNA loft. Wherever you are landing on your foot, the Ghost is just going to give you cushion to roll you through your gait. If your over or under pronation is not creating any injuries, this shoe is enough for you. It has great plush step-in feel that Brooks prides itself on.

What should you be doing in this shoe?

In a perfect world, this is a great training shoe. If you are lifting consistently, I really would not recommend this shoe, but if you are doing just general cardio, this is totally fine. Or even if you are in a job where you are allowed to wear running shoes to work, this is a great everyday shoe.

In a perfect world, you might have a different shoe for races where you can protect yourself but its not necessary. But if you have a goal for a PR then I would recommend the Ghost as a training shoe and then a lighter racing shoe (like the launch!).

The Brooks Ghost 13 is $130 with the promo code “runmoore” you can save 10% and get free shipping.

Expected release date is August 1, 2020


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