The Altra Escalante 2.5 is here!

Hi everyone, at last, the latest update of the Escalante is available. The original Altra Escalante was a game-changer and quickly became a fan favorite. It was the most popular altra shoe across the board. The Escalante surprised people when it first dropped as it was very different from any other neutral training shoes on the market. The original was loved for it bounciness and responsiveness; many customers said it was a fun shoe that they could really enjoy running in it.

shoe review of the altra escalante 2.5 run moore

Controversy with Version 2

When Altra released the 1.5 the majority of changes were positive, it was a better fit and people were generally happy but then all hell broke loose with Version 2 and the original fans were not pleased. People were scrambling to find a 1.5 anywhere on the market. I will point out, that people who were new to altra or even new to the Escalante, didn’t mind the changes and liked the shoe -but I think the update was too drastic and somewhat betrayed those who were og fans of the 1 or 1.5.

What’s new

So here we go, the Altra Escalante 2.5, which has a lot of hype to get back to what fans loved. This is Altra’s 4th version of the shoe, and I am happy to say that the updates are positive. In fact, I think they should have named this shoe the 3.0 just to separate itself even more from its predecessor. The weight has come down a little bit from the previous model, which is consistent from all brands this season. It is now gone from 8.8oz to 8.5oz for the Men, and 7.4oz to 6.9oz for the Women. If you are looking for an even lighter Escalante I would recommend the Racer, as it is 1.5oz lighter and is 2mm lower than the standard shoe, it is a little less protective, but it is pretty bouncy and responsive.

escalante v.s torin run moore altra shoe reviews

Escalante v.s Torin

Let’s compare the Escalante to another neutral training shoe from Altra, the Torin. On the whole, I describe the Torin as a squishy nerf ball. The Torin is a very protective neutral running shoe you can run short distances but it really protects you for the long haul. It has an amazing step-in feel and as a whole feels very comfortable. The arch is higher which is great for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis who don’t necessarily want a stability shoe. You can learn more about the Torin Plush 4.5 in my other review, here.

If the torin is a nerf ball, the Escalante is a basketball. It is designed to bounce and just move -I always say that this is my Ricky Bobby shoe. The Escalante was one of the first shoes we saw with the charged rubber feel, which is such a different running sensation compared to other neutral running shoes. Whereas the Torin is plush, the Escalante is very minimal. Like all Altras it is zero drop, but due to its low arch profile, it provides that barefoot running feeling that a lot of runners who are coming to Altra love. It is the lowest, most minimal neutral shoe from Altra, but unlike a racing shoe, this can be used for everyday training.

A previous complaint from the 2.0 was the shape of the toebox, the previous version felt very narrow and restrictive, but I am happy to say they have addressed these complaints. With these updates, the shoe now has better material for the upper that fits well but still feels loose and comfortable. Nothing feels compromised as this latest update feels accomodating and breathable. The flexibility is also back, and it feels softer yet responsive, which was something 1.5 users loved. It fits your foot well, and I think this shoe would be back to the standard that the 1.5 was.

What can I do in this shoe?

As an everyday neutral training shoe, you can do whatever you want to your comfort level; you can run many different distances. I have had one customer run over a 1000 miles in this shoe and another use this as their race day shoe for a 50 miler. The Escalante is also great for gym stuff, with its zero drop platform its awesome for lifting. I think we are going to have great success with the 2.5 because they have made the changes the customers asked for.

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