Brooks Adrenaline 21

An update on the mid-cushion stability shoe from Brooks The new Brooks Adrenaline 21 will retail for $130 and will be available on our website starting November 1st.

Brooks Adrenaline is a mid cushion stability shoe, with the horseshoe support through the guide rails on the heel.  Compared to the last version, we have shed a little bit of weight 10.6oz –> 10.4 oz for the men, and 9.3oz –> 9.1oz.  New update on the upper, it is more breathable and lighter than the previous generation while it still stretches around your foot. The sizing is still running consistently.  Regarding widths, the women now have access from A-2E and the men can purchase shoes that are B-4E which provides a lot of options.

For someone who misses the old school stability shoe with the hard, plastically posting we suggest watching our view about the New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v11.

Brooks Stability and Neutral Shoe chart

Topics Discussed

  • 00:37 What is the Brooks Adrenaline?
  • 1:00 Evolution of the Adrenaline-Emphasis on Guide Rails
  • 6:38 Which Brooks shoe is right for me?
  • 8:30 2021 Teaser
  • 9:48 Weight and fit differences from version 20
  • 11:21 Width options
  • 12:02 Price and availability.

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