Hi Guys hope you all are doing ok! This week I am reviewing the Altra Torin Plush 4.5 which is set to release at the end of May 2020.

The plush 4.5 is 1.1oz lighter than its predecessor, which means the standard Torin & the plush are now the same weight -which is great especially because none of the comfort or plush feeling has been lost. The plush has a softer stack height and is now 28mm compared to the standard torin which is 26mm.

The Torin Plush 4.5 is great for longer distance runs but can be used in the gym. If you find yourself spending your time doing about 75% running & 25% Gym stuff we think this is great shoe for you. That being said, the plush is a max-cushion shoe, while you can wear it for shorter runs such as a 5k or a quick loop around the block, this kind of shoe protects you for the long haul and we would pull it for a half or full marathon runner (especially if it would be your first marathon!).

Altra has removed some of the bulky padding on the tongue of the shoe but it still has a toe box soft. While this version is lighter than the plush 4, it is still is as soft and comfortable as ever, which makes me wonder where did they cut all of this weight from?
This version has much better heel cup grip, but I don’t think it is as strong as an altra provision. The shoe stays true to the altra brand, and has a rounded feel, I would even say that this feels a bit wider than other altras that have been recently released. Altra used a new knit upper which I find a bit more forgiving and creates more wiggle room where you need it -an improvement from the Torin plush 4.
With this space and large toe box I would pull this shoe for people who suffer with morton’s neuroma. The Torin plush 4.5 is a classified as a neutral shoe, and it also had the classic Altra zero drop platform so I would also recommend it if you suffer with plantar fasciitis. Over all there are some great improvements and it Altra seems to be doing a better job of sticking to size, we are excited for this shoe to launch at the end of may!
Thanks for all of your support during these times and helping out small businesses!

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