Breaking News!

Thanks to my inability to get our newsletter out on time, I am able to add this exciting announcement. We were just named one of the Best Running Stores in the USA for the second straight year! This is the top of the mountain for our industry and was a goal from the day we opened. A huge thank you to everyone who nominated us and has supported us over the years.

We are open!

After our 60 day hiatus we were finally able to open our doors this past weekend. While we have been helping people in a lot of creative ways we were finally able to truly fit people the way we know how. We were a bit rusty at first but got back in our old rhythm by lunchtime. While I was not shocked, it was nice that we had zero issue with customers working with the new normal. Everyone was totally respectful of the Governors mask rules and our capacity limits.

We are going to be shuffling our hours around while we find that sweet spot for us. While we are allowed to be open to our normal hours we still want to limit our staff and store exposure. We want to make sure we have the opportunity to work with everyone but trimming our hours makes sense. We are also still accepting appointments for fittings both in store and via zoom. We are still also happy to run local deliveries and ship for free.

Also, I am sure you’ve noticed all the new runners and walkers out and about. This is our chance as ambassadors of the sport to welcome this new crop of healthy folk into our community. We’ll be putting some posts out in the coming week with things we wished we knew when we started running & exercising. If we are missing things you wish you knew, please comment! Let’s make a point to introduce yourself to new runners in your hood. Make sure to give a head nod and thumbs up to people you don’t recognize on your runs. Maybe even suggest they visit us for some shoes or advice? This shutdown has given people a chance to start an active lifestyle. When things start going back to normal it would be great if everyone can feel welcome, and start to love running as much as we do to become members of the Westminster Road Runners Club or regulars at our pub runs.

Thank you all for your continued support, stay safe and hopefully we will see you around town soon!