We are open again! Thanks for all of the support we have received over the past few weeks today I am reviewing the Altra Superior 4.5 & the Altra Olympus 4

Altra are the company that is known for having the zero-drop platform and rounded toe box, which is great for a natural feeling during running. Their trail shoes all come with an option to add a gaitor trap to keep the mud and dirt out. Altra’s best selling shoe is a trail shoe, the Lone Peak but here is a brief overview of the trail shoes they have to offer:

Hierarchy of Altra’s Trail Shoes from light to max cushion

  • SuperiorLightest, most flexible, fast shoe but is also the cheapest altra trail shoe.
  • Lone PeakThe most popular shoe, with a rock guard, great for longer runs workforce shoe
  • TimpTheir road Torrin wrapped in trial outer, road or trail
  • OlympusIs our max cushion biggest trail shoe pretty expensive but can be used for a lot of different tasks. 

We get a lot of questions about the adjustment from a higher drop to zero drop, and for trail shoes, I would say it isn’t that big of concern just because the terrain is different and you are used to having uneven ground.  

The Superior 4.5

**UPDATE** The stone guard mentioned in the Superior 4.5 review at 4:52 is going to be a removable stone guard. They will be included in the box as in previous versions. Simply remove the removable insole and slide the provided stone guard for additional protection on more aggressive terrain.

The altra superior 4.5 is not classed as a stability shoe, but it is a little more stable than other trail shoes that Altra offers. Just like the zero drop, we aren’t as worried about pronation when you are running on uneven ground but if you are concerned you can stick a superfeet insole in your shoe and be set to go.

run moore altra superior 4.5

The Superior has the lowest stack height and is very flexible. This is a great shoe for slipping on and moving fast weather on trails in mud and in the rain or on the road. This updated version has been slimmed down and is lighter compared to the last generation.

This shoe is a little bit wider than version 4, the difference is I feel more snug, but I should emphasize not in a bad way. I think this is great because now I won’t feel like I am slipping all over the place when I am on the trail. The inside feels a little more plush and the tongue is still sewed on one side to keep the muck out. This is one of the few altra shoes that fit true to size, so I would recommend going with your usual size. The Superior is $110 and is a great option for a running shoe that you can use when you need it as it is not just limited to trails. 

  • Weight: 8.4 oz (M) 7.3 (W)
  • Stack Height: 19 mm (Heel), 19 mm (Forefoot)
  • Available Widths: D=Medium (M) B=Medium (W)

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Olympus 4

This felt great to put on, it looks like a big clunky shoe but you can feel yourself sinking in really noticeable compared to other shoes I have tried on recently. 

The Olympus is a nice wide trail shoe with a big instep, but it is wide through the base. The sizing felt good on it too. 

New changes for this model, the upper is completely revamped, it is now stretchy and breathable compared to the last version also with a little bit more flexibility. In my opinion, this is a great all day shoe. Even though it looks clunky the Olympus will probably be my ultra-marathon shoe once races start back up again. This would be the shoe I would bring if I only had one option on backpacking, running trip -it really is great at everything. 

  • Stack height: 33mm

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altra olympus 4 run moore