September Newsletter 2019

With over a month under our belt I think we finally feel like the new spot is ours. It’s so weird to run by the old store. It looks so small compared to 28 W Main and it’s an odd feeling being so close to the place we called home for so long. We’ve had so many folks stroll in and say they’ve never heard of us or had no idea there was a run shop in town. It’s amazing the amount of new foot traffic we receive by moving a mere 150 meters. Everyday I am reminded why we made this jump, even though it’s still pretty terrifying and probably will be for a while.

We’ve got a lot of events and runs coming up so I hope you can stop by and join us for a run or even a sale day. One of the events that I am most excited about is Midnight Madness during FallFest. This event was the crown jewel of downtown for local retailers for years but it sort of fell by the wayside. This year, with some new leadership from some of the amazing business owners, the event is back and better than ever. Stop by from between 7pm-Midnight on September 27th and experience how amazing downtown Westminster can be. We’ll have an end of season deals on summer gear and have new fall items out on sale. All of the local retailers will be offering sales and stores will have snacks and drinks while you stroll around town. My wife is making some sort of fall feast. If you’ve been with us for previous Midnight Madness events, you’ll know that it’s worth coming out just for that. I’ll probably bust out my Great British Bakeoff cookbook and make something as well.

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who came in during our Grand Reopening. We don’t have a single picture from the day so if anyone has any shots from the ribbon cutting ceremony please send them our way! Pretty smart of us to pose for pictures with the Chamber of Commerce but not use any of our cameras. Quite a derp move. It was a very special day for us and it was so nice having the space to accommodate everyone plus we had actual circulating air the whole day! Thanks for the support and I hope you are enjoying this great time of year to run and be active.