It’s time for our #Mondaymotivation with our #IRunMoore Ambassador, Shane Cox. His grit and toughness will surely help get you through a case of the Monday’s. Also, happy birthday to our own @c_kernan97! 🎂

As runners we spend a lot of time obsessed with splits, personal records, heart rates, and mileage. When training for an event that’s natural; we want to do our very best on race day.

Part of the equation that we often overlook is the mental aspect. Not just getting out there and getting it done, grinding through the miles, but also remembering to enjoy the feeling of running.

Yesterday I finished a 1/2 marathon training run a week after completing my week of MS chemo treatment. It was a full 16 minutes faster than the same run after last year’s treatment. This is all in preparation for the Hanover 1/2 Marathon.

But my goal for the 1/2 this year isn’t to finish faster. It is to finish happier, with more gratitude, and with more mindfulness of the gift of being able to run. Because it is just that: a gift.

Whether you hit your running goals or not, take time to reflect and enjoy the act of running in and of itself. Laugh at yourself. Take some goofy pictures. Smile and be happy – you’re able to run!

I guarantee that you’ll feel better and see your running schedule and goals in a different light. With greater enjoyment comes the desire to Run Moore!