Thank you to everyone that came out to our Halloween pub run Thursday it was a great time as always. Congratulations to those who finished the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend hopefully you had some fun in that rain. This Saturday is the Burk-Case 5k, this race is a great local race put on by the WRRC, so if you are looking for a fun local race this weekend consider the Burk-Case, you can’t beat $10 race day registration and pizza post race. Now let’s check in with our #iRunMoore ambassador Emily.

It has been a pleasure being an ambassador for #irunmoore this month! Everyone’s exercise journey is a little different, we all have different destinations, pitstops, trials and tribulations along the journey. Mine started 5 years ago on Halloween when I walked into a local gym and in my witch costume told them I needed a change. I was the happiest witch Matt had ever seen. I owe my transformation journey to RiseUp and Run Moore because without the fantastic owners behind this shops, I wouldn’t be where I am today, training for my 2nd marathon in just 3 weeks.

Your journey may be similar, or totally different, but I encourage you to do something for you, to change your journey, go check out different hills and valleys, run a local race. It was great seeing you at the pub run as a much smaller, more fit, more energetic witch. Keep running!