Congrats to all of the Baltimore running festival finishers this weekend. On Thursday we have our annual Halloween pub run. Costumes are encouraged and there will be prizes given out for the best costume, must be able to run in the costume to be eligible for a prize. Now let’s check in with our #IRunMoore ambassador Emily, who completed the Baltimore half marathon this weekend!

I usually run by myself because my pace varies. all. the. time. I run based off of how I feel that day and what the music or podcast tunes are telling me. You might have seen me running around town recently in my ‘git-up’. I also appreciate the few friends I can run with and they don’t mind running at my speed. They also help you get out of the mental space in super long runs and have someone to go to for advice on training, running skirts or meal prep. #irunmoore with friends and family because we are stronger together than apart. Abby Wagner, Danielle Schwessinger, Jessica Buenger, Abigail Wittbecker thank you for spending the time training and running with me!