Asics GlideRide 2 Review

My name is Steve Moore; this is my running shop, Run Moore. We are a brick-and-mortar running shop located in Westminster, Maryland. Today I am talking about the Asics GlideRide 2. This is a new max cushion neutral shoe great for long-distance running.

GlideRide 2 Details

  • Weight: Men 10.1 oz | Women 8.1 oz
  • Drop: 5 mm
  • Road
  • Daily Training
  • $150
  • Cushioned
Asics GlideRide 2 Review

Find the Right Shoe, for you!

If you watch my channel often, you will know that I don’t often put my personal opinion in my reviews. I try to do the best job I can about talking about each shoe. What the shoe’s purpose is, maybe the activities it is bad for. Just because something works great for me does not mean that it will work well for everyone and vice-versa. My channel’s purpose is to help you make an informed decision about a shoe that would work for you, just like what we do in the shop, not based on my personal opinion. We all have different bodies and running needs, so I try and look at shoes objectively and give you as much reliable information as I can.

My Favorite Shoe of 2020

Despite all that, I have to say, on a personal level, the GlideRide one was my favorite shoe of 2020, and I cannot stop talking about it. I have owned my Running shop for seven years now, and I have very rarely worn multiple pairs of the same running shoe more than once.  I always try to find a new shoe to try, but I had three pairs of glides rides last year. It is just so much fun in this shoe, and it worked for the type of runner that I am, the kind of training I was doing, and just ended up being the perfect shoe for me.

Don’t like Asics Shoes? This is something Different.

I was very excited to get this out. It is the most un-Asics, Asics shoe out there. Just looking at it by design, everything about it does not make you feel like you are putting on an Asics Keyano or anything else out there. It is just very different from other shoes in their lineup.

How We Found the GlideRide

I first came into the GlideRide at a running convention back in 2019 (pre-covid), and Asics was showing off their 2020 and 2021 lineup. They were gushing about the GuideRail. Colleen, our manager at the shop, got a pair to try on, and she was blown away by it. We have very similar tastes in shoes, so I bought a pair for myself a pair and fell in love with them.

Women's GlideRide 2

One of the Best Rocker Platform Shoes

The GuideRide 2 is a max cushion-neutral shoe. This is that shoe for somebody who wants to go out there and run some fast miles, some longer miles. You can tell by the design of it that it is built on a rocker platform. It has that smooth and efficient roll from your heel to your toe. There are other brands out there, brands that we even carry on the wall, that have a similar concept to it, but personally, even though there are brands that maybe have done it first, I think this is the one that did it best.

I have had tremendous fun in this shoe, and when you put it on, you really can feel yourself toeing off. Glide is a perfect name for this shoe as you really do glide in this shoe.

How the Design has Helped My ITB

I had bad IT band injuries when I was getting into this shoe, which I have been plagued with my entire running career. The way that GuideRide has been designed has helped me deal with that injury. I have a high arch, and my foot tends to gravitate to the outside; I always wear out my shoe’s lateral side. The design of the GlideRide has helped balance and push me back into place. It has taken a lot of pressure off my hips and knees with its cushion, relieving some of the stress of my ITB.

Who Should Run in this Shoe?

It feels like something you can put on and still go very fast. I have done anything from mile repeats to a quick 5k to a full marathon in this shoe. I have been able to do a little bit of everything, and I always feel fast and smooth in this shoe.

The GlideRide 2 has a five-millimeter drop, just like some of the other shoes in the max cushion category. It is excellent for somebody who is a neutral runner or somebody under pronates to get them back in the middle.

Who Should Run in the GlideRide 2


One difference between the GlideRide 1 & 2 is the difference in the weight. It is not a tremendous change on paper, but you can feel a difference. For the men’s version, The GlideRide went from 10.4oz on the Men’s down to 10.1oz and for the Women’s, down to 8.1 oz. This may seem quite heavy compared to other running shoes, but this is a light weight shoe despite being very well cushioned.  It is lighter than other shoes in its category while remaining cushioned, light, and airy.


The durability of this shoe, because it is an Asics, has been good. Some of the other brands with that rolling and light sensation are sometimes getting beaten up a little bit pretty quickly. Still, this shoe, for me, held up very well. I was able to get tons of miles on a ton of different terrain. I ran in 2020 on a gravel rail trail that ran from Maryland up to Pennsylvania. It was not like an easy surface on shoes. I had some shoes that took a beating out there just because gravel sometimes can eat away at shoes, especially if they have way too much foam on the outside, but the GlideRide held up and did the trick for me.

Quirks with Version 1

The upper definitely felt a little constricting in the first version. That was my only thing with this shoe was that it felt a little bit snug, the material didn’t have that much give, and it also felt hot, like it didn’t breathe that great. Version 1 just felt a little snug here, but Asics seems to have fixed that for version 2.

Improvements Updates on the GlideRide

Updated Upper

The engineered mesh material on it doesn’t have any seams on it and at least 20% of the upper made out of recycled materials. Most importantly, it feels a bit more flexible when you’re pushing into it. With these changes, I think version 2 will be a better fit for people. Especially with the updated upper, if you have a little bit wider forefoot, you should be okay in the sizing.


You should feel comfortable pulling this out on your usual road shoe size. In the past, I have had to go up or down for some Asics shoes, especially for the Keyano. But this doesn’t feel too big or clunky and appears to be fitting true to size.


I would highly encourage you if you’re looking for something different that’s fun, fast and that you can run a long way in to try this shoe. It is also good if you’re somebody who’s a neutral runner, who underpromotes to get this shoe on your foot and give it a try. I’m so excited for this version of the GlideRide. I already put a run in my first pair this morning on the 2s and felt great in it. I feel comfortable taking the shoe out and do a little bit of everything in. The only thing I wouldn’t do in the GlideRide, or really any shoe that has sort of a rocker platform, is side-to-side mobility gym work. Still, any walking and running that you’re going to do to great shoe to try.

The GlideRide 2, it’s $150 you can get it off our website use the promo code: runmoore, and it’ll save you 10% off your shoes, and we’ll ship it out for free. If you have any questions on this shoe, feel free to leave it down below, or if you have experience in the last one, I would love to hear if you liked it as well. If you like our videos, please give us a like and subscribe. It is helping us find new people out there. Stay safe, happy running.

Enjoy the wonderful spring nothing better than running on this break. Thanks, guys!

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