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The Big Jump

By May 2, 2015 No Comments

We have some new and exciting changes ahead at Run Moore. For those of you who know me know that I have been working another full time job as the store has been growing. Well, last week I let my current employer know that I am ready to take Run Moore to the next level and that involves me doing just the store. I am excited, scared, optimistic, slightly hungry and anxious to begin this chapter as a full time business owner. I would not be able to even think about making this move without the support of my family, friends and community.
Doing this full time is a dream come true and it will also allow me to not be so stressed while trying to balance two jobs a family and my own running. I am so proud of what we are building here it’s also lessons that I can share with my kids. I had a great moment when I was running the Main Street Mile two weeks ago with my three year old. While we were running he started spotting Run Moore shirts in the crowd and would gleefully point them out to me while we ran. It was awesome. I hope he can appreciate the work that I have had to do over the last months to make this work and that he can share in the pride I have in having a business with our name attached to it.
In addition to what we have going on in the store I have been getting involved in race planning and timing for races. If you or anyone you know is looking to organize a charity race please feel free to contact me. We helped with the Autism in Motion 5k last week that raised over $4,000 in their first year. My charity race, Bolt for Bolts had almost a record turnout this year and course records were set in both the Men’s and Women’s field. More importantly we raised a lot of money for the athletic department. We can come to an event with a trained staff and professional timing equipment to make sure that your event is run smoothly and the results are tabulated efficiently.
Also, thanks to all that came out last week for our first Pub Run. We will try to do these once a month to various locations around town. It was a fun night and it was great seeing people who did not know each other to run and share a pint afterwards. Hopefully we didn’t scare too many patrons off with our funk. Thanks again to everyone who helped us get to this point and I hope everyone continues to Run Moore!