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State of the Store

By January 13, 2015 No Comments

Run Moore Shoe Wall

I wanted to take a minute to give an update on the store. It’s crazy to think we have been open for over five months now and the place is almost unrecognizable since we opened… well except for the obnoxious colors. We have added a ton of new products to the store and we have gone from having a lot of free space to utilizing all available space for providing you with new and great running products from a larger array of vendors. Here is a quick list of new items and vendors that you will find upon entering the store.

Hoka One One
Under Armour
Soleus (Watches)
RedFox (Bluetooth Headphones)
DeFeet (Socks)
Run Moore Hats and Sweatshirts
Pepper Spray
Training Logs

Also, since we opened we have: won a county wide new business contest, put on our first race, started doing some advertising with the paper and in local gyms and have been brought in to build some races from the ground up. This has helped get our name out into the community and aides in introducing us to new customers.

Most importantly, we just finished a month that saw us exceed our projected goals. I have tried to figure out a rational reason to explain this strong month. From what all my shoe reps said from day one; January would be a very slow month. We have not seen it. Why??? Well, it’s because of you guys, the people supporting the store, telling your friends and coworkers about us. Last week someone came in and I asked him how he found out about the store. It’s something I ask a lot of people to get an idea of what means of our advertising may be working. His answer was unbelievable, he said he was in line getting coffee a few miles from here and the guy behind him  noticed that he was all decked out in running gear and suggested he check out Run Moore due to the fact that he had previously had a great experience there. How great is it, that we now have random customers spreading the word about Run Moore?!? I love hearing that someone came to us because of someone else’s previous experience with our great customer service and care. We promise to continue to give our best service and to add more great vendor and new products in 2015. Be sure to come see us for our six month anniversary February 21st! We’ll be rolling back pricing to August 2014 levels!