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By December 14, 2014 No Comments

I wanted to do a product review on an item that I love and wish I had found years ago. It’s the SanDisk Sansa Clip. Before I found this item I had literally gone through a dozen different shuffles, minis, mp3 players and anything else that could play my music while I ran short of a Walkman. I had accepted that fact that a shuffle, which was my favorite player, would break from moisture within three months of buying it. My breaking point came eight miles in to an 18 mile NCR run and my shuffle shorted out. I vaguely recall yelling at a random passerby “it’s 2013, there has to be something better!”

Turns out there is. The Sansa Clip. It’s a small MP3 player that I found after lots of research online. I bought  the one I currently run with during the Summer of 2013 and have yet to have any issues. At $35 it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have run through every weather imaginable without issue. If you are one who likes to run with music and have been burned with other music players than I suggest giving this little baby a try.

The Pros are first and foremost the size. It is lighter and just as small as an ipod shuffle. It’s so light it’s easily forgettable clipped to your shorts. As I mentioned it is also very durable in all of the ranges of Maryland weather. It also has an unbelievable battery. I have never tested it but I feel comfortable saying the 15 hours they boast on the battery could very well be a low guess.

There are a few negative points though. The headphones that came with it are junk. I use apple buds with them which are just fine for me. Also adding music to it takes a little patience but once you get used to it’s no big deal. I did have to convert a bunch of music I had in my apple library from MP4 format to MP3 via some free software I found online. Again, once I did it once it was simple.

Good luck and I hope this helps someone who has gone through my pain on faulty running devices. Happy holidays!