Hopefully everyone had a healthy and fulfilling running year. We’d love to hear what your favorite run or race was this year. Please share it in the comments! 🎉

Mine was getting lost in the middle of the night in Antietam Battlefield during the American Odyssey Race. It was a great race and a special run that I’ll never forget. Colleen’s was completing her first marathon and earning her BQ. She’s been thinking about a marathon since high school and she had a blast. 🏆

If you didn’t get all you could out of your running this year you can start anew tomorrow. If you need help achieving your goals please come see if we can help make 2020 your best running year yet. 📆

Thank you everybody for making 2019 such a fantastic year for us. From moving to our new store, being recognized on a local and national level and a million other reason 2019 was a breakout year for Run Moore. Thanks for supporting us and allowing me to spend my days sharing my love of running. ❤️💚💙