Hey, everybody, this is Steve Moore, the owner of Run Moore, this brick-and-mortar running shop located in Westminster, Maryland. Thank you so much for tuning in and checking out our channel. Today I’m going to be talking about the new Brooks Ghost 14. This shoe is coming out in July of 2021. This is Brooks’ most popular shoe. This is their workhorse everyday neutral training shoe.

If you’ve been a runner for some time, there’s an excellent chance you’ve had a pair of Brooks Ghost on your feet at some point. The Ghost is a neutral model shoe, and it’s a straight cushion shoe. Depending on if somebody comes in here looking with an injury, I might pull a different model, but it’s very rare when somebody comes in here and says I’m new to running. I have no injury history, and we find out what’s going on we give them a quick foot scan, everything looks terrific; they might be doing anything from a mile to a half marathon to gym stuff to anything in between, rarely, I wouldn’t try them in a Brooks Ghost.

A Baseline for Running Shoes

The Ghost is a perfect baseline to figure out what runners are doing when they run and what they like and dislike about running shoes. Unless they are informed on what shoe they are looking for, I usually start most neutral runners in a Brooks Ghost. If somebody came running in here and said I’m going on a trip, I have no idea what I’m doing. I need to bring. I don’t even have time to try on his shoes. Bring me one pair of shoes, and I can take it with me that will fit well, and if I’m a new runner, I’m going to be fine in I’ll pull a Ghost as it is a dependable, long-lasting, all-around running shoe.

An All-Around Shoe

It’s great for such a universal group of people that it’s that’s what I said. It’s surprising if you’ve been a runner, you haven’t tried on the Ghost. This model comes from the last version as far as some of the overall characteristics haven’t changed too much; this shoe still comes in on the Men’s side, weighing 9.9 ounces. On the Women’s side, it’s right at 9.0 ounces. This has not changed in the update. This drop on this shoe is still the same at 12 millimeters.

The heel drop is how high the heel sits from the offset of the toe. You can see how it’s higher here and pointed down to.

New Midsole

Brooks made to this shoe, though are nice improvements this isn’t a fancy color update. The most significant change is that the midsole has been updated. A couple of years ago, Brooks started making their proprietary blend their DNA Loft, their version of a soft, responsive, nice, cushioned blend throughout the shoe.

When the Ghost first came out, it was only in selected patches throughout the shoe. On some of the older versions, and even some brands that were the same way, runners could feel that placement and say things like, I feel like I’m dropping off a ledge and or that it was interfering with their heel-to-toe transitions. For version 14 they have this special DNA Loft material throughout the shoe. It feels smooth and light and cushioned through your foot, making for a better transition from heel to toe.

New Outsole

Brooks also redesigned the outsole. The pattern looks pretty like what they’ve been in previous versions, but they put a little more energy and effort into changing the blend on the outsole. It’s going to be a little bit more durable on sort of where you’re landing. They’re still using their 3D Stretch material. Brooks was one first brands that we were carrying that had some stretchy feel to their outsole. It is designed to sort of wrap around your foot. So whether you’re a little bit wider of a foot or maybe somebody’s a little bit narrower, it will expand and contract around your foot a little bit.

3D Stretch & Reinforced Toe Cap

The big difference that I can tell and feel on the 3D Stretch between this and the versions is that there’s a much more definition through the toe cap on the new one. If you are someone who rips through their shoes, we call it prairie dog toes, where your toe will poke through. This targeted 3D Stretch material around the upper will help prevent that. If you’re a runner who does tend to drive a hole through your toe through the shoe, this would be a great one to try because not only is it going to stretch more, it’s even more reinforced to the toe cap and through this entire forefoot in general.

Can I use the Ghost if I have injuries?

What I like about this shoe is that you can do a little bit of everything in it. So if you already have some tendencies to over-under pronate, or you have some hips, knees, plantar fasciitis, all those things, there might be better options out there to assist you. But if you require something for everyday casual running across the game and all over everything because this is a straight neutral cushion shoe, it’s not going to correct you, but it will feel great and soft on your foot all day. So the Ghost is a perfect shoe to kind of put on where to work and do a little bit of everything in.

Widths and Colours

Because the Ghost is such a popular shoe for Brooks, it comes in various colors, and it comes in a variety of widths.

It has a limited option coming in a B width and a few coming in a D for the women. On the Men’s side, there’s one or two that are coming in and narrow a lot that is standard in two and a D width. There are a few colors that are in 2E, and there is one super-wide 4E. Some of the colors and such that we are waiting on have not arrived yet. Hopefully, you’ll see many more options available in widths and colors by the time you see this on our website.

This is a full 12-month shoe, so while they’ll be a revamped color up in six months from now, the shoe will stay the same until next July.

If I like the Ghost, What other Shoes could work for me?

If you like the Ghost, but you need more cushion for longer miles, we can easily transition you up into a Glycerin. If you want a little lighter and faster shoe, maybe for workout days, great, there’s something like the Launch. We use this, and depending on what you’re looking for, you can sort of pivot up and down very quickly within the Brooks family.

Carbon Neutral Shoe

Another thing I want to touch on quickly is that this is Brooks’ first shoe that is a carbon-neutral shoe. We’re seeing many brands that will be starting a lot of different ways to try to help the environment and try to make sure that we are doing our part. I believe that we will be seeing a lot of cool stuff coming down the road from Brooks and other brands focusing on their environmental impact. I’ve heard rumors in the coming years that we’ll see getting away from boxes. Things will be coming in more in brown bags, and things will be easier to recycle, Brooks. There also could be a program where they will be taking old shoes, donating to charity, and using rubber for other opportunities. So, we’re seeing many brands taking that initiative, and Brooks right now is sort of at the forefront of that in a carbon-neutral shoe.


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