Hi everybody due to coronavirus we have had to close our shop in Westminster, MD to the pubic.

Luckily we can still record videos for YouTube and go running! Please let us know how you guys are running during these crazy times -stay safe!

In this video Steve reviews 4 shoes that are perfect for training on a treadmill or getting some gym work done.

The first shoe is the Brooks Launch 7.

This shoe looks great but is a bouncy and responsive shoe which has been great for winter & spring track but is great for anyone who is just starting out in running and wants to run a 5-10k. This shoe fits true to size.

The second shoe is Steve’s favorite, the New Balance Rebel.

This shoe featured a grippy bottom which is designed to get you up on your toes. There is a wing on the lateral side which is useful for someone that under pronates, and can help with ITB.

The heel to toe drop is 10mm and is a fairly wide shoe. The New Balance Rebel has great durability and was on Steve’s watch list for his race in Boston.

The Hoka Rincon

This has been a big success this year for people who are curious about the Hoka One One brand. We find that this shoe is lightweight and bouncy with a 5mm heel to toe drop and is overall fast & efficient. Like most hoka shoes, it looks bulky but is actually very light.

The Altra Viho

This has the classic zero drop feature and foot shaped toe box. This shoe is fairly narrow for the altra family but we find it is great for gym workouts short to medium runs, and strength training. The full rubber outside provides great durability. This shoe is great for balance oriented activities such as lifting, & weight training.

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