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The Viho is a new addition to the Altra Running lineup. This agile shoe is a perfect entry-level option for gym, work, and running. Its full rubber outsole offers good durability. At $100, the Viho is a great opportunity buy for Altra fans or for those wanting to try the brand.

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Customer Reviews:

Altra VIHO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Posted by Toure D on Jun 15th 2020

Altra has always delivered a great shoe, I have owned multiple models over the last six years. The only initial issue I found with these shoes was a slight pressure across the bridge of the foot, this was resolved through losing all points and slowly retightening. I have put a total of 20 miles on these and they are starting to break in really nicely. The rubber tread on the shoe should give me better wear for the next 400miles.

I like these Viho’s ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Posted by Clint Hicks on Jun 11th 2020

Before discussing my shoe experience, I want to state how pleased I was with my email interchanges with Steve… very informative and explained differences in the two shoes I was contemplating! I had multiple questions that he answered since I needed new workout shoes but no way to try them on during the pandemic. I’m 6’3 @ 220lbs so my concern is a shoe that will hold up over time. I walk 1.5miles then walk/job another mile 4-6 times a week. Naturally, I’m not your typical runner nor do I strive to be. I lift weights and get in my cardio begrudgingly. When I received my Viho shoes I was excited (for a shoe), but they wore very snug and the heel felt loose since it sits lower in the back. I have a medium arch and narrow-ish feet so this seemed odd. The tongue is more cushioned than my Paradigm 3.5s (a much different feeling shoe) so I loosened up the strings a bit and behold I was much better. Yes, that simple for me. I want to like these shoes (picked over the Provision 4) so I wore them around the house several days before venturing out to determine if these were going to fit right or not. I decided to keep them for my normal cardio routine. They are light, feel fast, and comfortable for me… again, a different feel than my old Paradigm 3.5s. The shoes loosened up a bit over the top of my feet and while the toe box is not super wide as several other folks note it fits my feet just fine. I don’t have “fat feet”. And the heel does not slip, just different than a “locked in” feeling that I’m used to. All-in-all I like the shoes.