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Sneaker Diaries Week 8 – Travels and Tribulations

By October 9, 2023 No Comments

Sometimes, despite the best-laid plans, life takes its own course. I had envisioned a week packed with miles, culminating in a 20-mile trail run before my flight to Portugal. However, reality had different ideas. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I fell short of my monthly mileage goal.

Normally, I might be disappointed, but considering the whirlwind leading up to my trip, I believe a little self-compassion is in order. Running not only defines my profession, but it’s also the cornerstone of my mental well-being. I had anticipated the need for extra miles to ease into a more relaxed week during vacation, especially with the added stress of international travel and leaving behind my kids and business. With afterwork practices for my kids’ sports, my bedtime hasn’t shifted despite needing to set my alarm for 4 am. Sensing some weariness before packing, I decided to dial back my plans. Even so, I managed 5 runs, just shy of 50 miles. September drew to a close with 190 miles, predominantly on the trail.

Thursday’s 13-mile trail run in my Hoka Mafate‚Äôs was the week’s highlight. We set out at 4:45 am, and due to my forgetfulness, my headlamp died with four miles to go. Navigating the dark, uneven terrain added an element of adventure. For early morning runners, the delayed arrival of fall sunlight can be a bit disheartening, especially when you start and finish in the dark.

One memorable run was with my sister on the day we flew to Portugal. She’s gearing up for her first marathon, and while nursing an injury, she hadn’t logged significant training miles. I persuaded her to join me for a 12-mile trail run to help rebuild her strength. It was her longest trail run to date, and an exciting adventure for both of us. I may have played a little prank by leading us straight into a fairly sizable stream without warning. One moment we were running, the next we were wading up to our shins in the creek. Good times! Surprisingly, she later mentioned that it was her favorite part. I believe this run will help her regain the fitness level she had before her injury.

Thanks for tagging along!