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Why’d I do this?!

By July 27, 2014 No Comments

Thanks for visiting us at Run Moore. I wanted to take a quick minute to give a little background on how Run Moore came to be. I hope you check back here once we are open to hear about new products that we are offering. We’ll even be talking about products I don’t carry but have used in my personal running life that I enjoy or find useful. We are also going to be posting some nutritional information and healthy menu ideas that are being put together by the nutritionist for some of the most important athletes in the world. I am very excited to introduce her when the time is right.

As for the birth of Run Moore. I personally am an avid runner who is a member of both the Westminster Road Runners Club and Flying Feet here in town. I was a college runner for a local school and still try to compete in races from the mile to the marathon when I can. A few months ago I was bemoaning the idea of needing new running shoes and having to make the drive to a neighboring city just to get a good pair of shoes and speak with a sales rep who knew running. I starting thinking how crazy it was that there was not something local. With that, Run Moore was born. I have never owned my own business and while I have sales background I do not have a sports sales background. What I have is 20 years of running and a passion for this sport. The lessons I have learned through running have shaped who I am today. Joining my high school cross country team all those years ago have lead me to who I am today and the idea of helping hopefully grow the sport here locally is very exciting. My wife and I are big supporters of Westminster and Carroll County and want to hopefully make this store a place people would visit for shoes before making the trip over to the AG Center to check out the Farmers Market. Or more likely, stop by to see us after the guilt of over eating at O’Lordans!

So far in this journey I have learned a tremendous amount about what it takes to start a business and a lot about the behind the scenes of the running industry. For example, I assumed that by opening a running store that shoe companies would want to work with me and greet me with open arms. Turns out, that’s not the case.  I am excited to work with the brands that want to work with me on day one. There will be shoes that a runner might be expecting when walking into a specialty running store that I won’t have right away but I will be adding to our family of shoes shortly. It’s a matter of gaining the trust and creditability with some of the other brands. Your support and trust that I would not offer a shoe that I didn’t believe in and allow us to introduce a shoe you may not be familiar with will allow us to bring in other brands that much faster.

For now, we are planning to open on August 22nd. That date has been pushed back from August 1st because as I have also discovered, everything takes much longer than expected. We are also planning on putting on our first race in the end of October so look for information on that shortly. I promise my other blogs won’t be so long but I wanted to share with everyone who I am and what our goals are. Thanks for the support and we will see you soon!