Altra Shoe Family

We get a lot of questions about when someone should wear a certain type of shoe. While there aren’t any direct rules we made these graphics so you can see where the different Altra shoes fall on the spectrum of max cushion to minimal cushion. Just because we suggest that you can use one type of shoe for a certain activity does not mean you are restricted in what you can do, this is just our general recommendation 🙂 .

what altra shoes should I wear?

Altra Road Shoes (2020)

Altra Paradigm 5 Review

Altra Paradigm 5

The biggest, most cushioned, most stable Altra in the family. This shoe features Altra’s foot-shaped toe box, EGO midsole, and supportive guide rails. It’s one of our most popular shoes for runners and walkers alike who want a soft yet responsive ride, great for long distances and for those that want support.

Women's Altra Torin Plush 4.5

Torin Plush 4.5 

The Torin Plush is a favorite at the store, a max cushion neutral shoe also great for long distances.

Men's Altra Provision 4.0

Provision 4

The newest version of Altra’s Provision line features several significant updates. The new Altra Provision 4 will be a go-to shoe for folks requiring additional support and neutral runners alike. From significant updates to their stability design to a creative dimpled insole, this shoe is an exciting addition to the Altra lineup.

mens torin 4


A minimum neutral shoe perfect for high mileage daily training because it has more cushion and flexibility than the Viho or the Escalante. Overall, it has a variety of uses because it is light enough for faster runs but is cushioned enough for the long haul.

mens viho


This agile shoe is a perfect entry-level option for gym, work, and running. Its full rubber outsole offers good durability.

escalante 2.5 review

Escalante 2.5

There are lots of great updates on this shoe that will make fans of the original shoe very happy. This fun, springy and lightweight trainer will be a great option for runners and fitness enthusiasts. The Escalante is one of Altra’s best running shoes for a snappy ride.

escalante racer run moore

Escalante Racer

The Racer is built for performance with the Altra EGO midsole for a responsive feel. The static upper mesh is highly breathable.  Great for race day, lightweight ready to zoom shoe.

Altra Trail Shoes (2020)

olympus 4 review

Olympus 4 (Start at 9:43 for Olympus Review)

Is our max cushion biggest trail shoe pretty expensive but can be used for a lot of different trail runs. Even though it looks clunky the Olympus will probably be my ultra-marathon shoe due to its great cushion. Outside of running, this would also be the perfect backpacking shoe and I would be happy to wear it all day with its improved breathability in the upper.

Timp 3

The brand new max cushion trail shoe, the Altra Timp 3. This is one of the best trail shoes to do a little bit of everything on the trail with a bit of extra cushion due to the Lightweight Quantic™ EVA midsole. Timp 3 is a great option for both ultra and trail runners.

lone peak 4.5 review

Lone Peak 5

Altra’s number one trail shoe is the Lone Peak. The nice forgiving toe box, balance cushion for extra stability, zero-drop trail shoe, and Rock Guard is integrated. With a Gaiter Trap to keep out the muckety muck. Better at being water-resistant due to its water drainage, but it is not waterproof. Better sizing compared to the Lone Peak 3. Great for everyday weekend warrior 1-2 hour runs. This is an awesome shoe.

superior 4 review

Superior 4.5 (Start at 3:36)

Altra’s lightest, fastest most flexible fast trail shoe. The Superior has the lowest stack height and is very flexible. This is a great shoe for slipping on and moving fast weather on trails in mud and in the rain or on the road. This updated version has been slimmed down and is lighter compared to the last generation but is a great all-weather trail shoe.