TomTom GPS Watch Review – Michele Pearson


I love when I find a product that I LOVE. The TomTom GPS watch is exactly that. I was looking for something that was simple, comfortable, and that could be worn all day. This watch is all of those things tied into one. For starters, I found the TomTom watch easy to navigate. It was very intuitive as far as getting started and finding the GPS signal. Turning on the backlight is a cinch; you just tap the watch face in the space indicated by three small dots. This is a very easy and useful feature for night or early morning runs. The light is very bright and turns off automatically.

The next great feature is how light it is. This is definitely a watch you can wear all day and not feel like it’s bulky. It feels very similar to a regular sports watch. The TomTom watch is light and easygoing. The band is flexible and does not get caught on things (shirts, shorts, etc.…). That was a huge problem with previous watches. The band would come undone or the watchband excess would constantly get caught on my shirt or shorts, which was extremely annoying.

The next point that I love is that the TomTom watch easily connects to the computer via a USB cord that connects to the watch portion. You can remove the watch part from its band and charge it, or just leave it attached. This watch charges in no time at all. It also holds a charge for a long time. On average, I use the watch five days a week as a GPS watch. The first time I had to charge it was 10 days into owning it. It is very easy to check the battery life and to charge it.

There is a square panel below the watch part that controls the watch. Push the button once (on the right), and you are given the option to use the watch for a run, treadmill, or stopwatch. If you want to run, make sure that Run is highlighted and push the right hand side again and the watch begins to find the GPS signal. This is perhaps the best selling point for me. The watch finds the GPS signal within a couple of seconds. Other watches I’ve owned have taken several minutes to find the GPS signal. This watch tells you when it’s ready by displaying “Go” with a runner. Once you tap the right hand side of the control panel, you are ready to start timing your run and distance.

If you’re like me and you’re a little picky about your running gear and perhaps a little technologically incapacitated, then this is the watch for you. It is versatile, not too large, and easy to use. I think you’ll fall in love with the TomTom watch just like I did!

New running gear always provides more motivation for me to get out and get going! Hopefully it does the same for you! I definitely recommend checking out the TomTom GPS watch.

Lace up and head out!

Happy Trails!