I have a unique perspective on the growth of the store. While our official grand opening was August 19, 2014, to me, it was born that February of 2014. My youngest son Cooper was just born, and while I had a few days off work, I needed running shoes; this is where the idea for Run Moore was born. Each milestone achieved, both of the store and my son, is inseparable for me. People ask, “How long has Run Moore been around?” And to me, the answer is, “Long enough to tread water in the pool with floaties on.”

When I sat down to write this intro for our newsletter, I had a much harder time than usual. I can normally sit down and just start typing, but this time I found it to be very difficult. It’s hard to put in words what I’m feeling right now, but I’ll try.

When someone I don’t know walks into the shop and asks how I am, I typically respond, “I’m living the dream.” It seems like it is said in jest, but I really mean it. ¬†Every day I get to talk about my passion: running. It is crazy how we have turned this small idea of opening up my own shop into reality in less than three years -and the result is more than I could have dreamed of. With your help, we have won awards and expanded our store. We have been a part of many people’s running journies and successes. We have partnered with local charities to raise funds for a variety of causes and have helped runners achieve their personal goals.

Through Run Moore, I have been able to share my passion for running with the community. I have been hosting a radio show about fitness each week, and next Spring I’ll be teaching a class on trail running. The things we’ve done and seen would have been unfathomable to me a few years ago.
Not to mention I am feeling healthy and looking to compete in another Fall marathon myself. After three years, I feel like I finally have a really good balance between the shop, my family, and my own running.

These opportunities that have come along would not have been possible without such an incredible community and wonderful staff. Just last week we received our 94th 5-star review on Facebook. This one felt special though because the review was about an experience when I was not in the shop, it was just my capable staff. Thanks to them I can find other venues to grow the store. I have faith in their ability to provide our customers with the best experience and knowledge.

Thanks to them I can volunteer at a charity event at the hospital one day and plan a 5k course the next. It is wonderful to be surrounded by staff who care just as much as I do about the shop and running. I am so fortunate to have such amazing people working with me who legitimately care about each customer and want to see Run Moore grow.

I hope to be able to thank everyone who has made this dream a reality in the upcoming week. The Three Year Anniversary on Saturday, August 19th, should be a lot of fun. Even if you’re not in the market for anything, please stop by and have a bite to eat so I can say thank you. I am so excited about the direction we are headed, and I can’t wait to see where the business will be in another three years.

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