Altra Provision 4.0

We have been carrying Altra since we opened in 2014, this has been the biggest update of the Provision so far. Technically, the provision is a stability shoe, it used to be built on a medial wedge but now they have removed this feature and added a few new updates instead. They have increased the stack height instead to 27 and it has increased the weight just a little bit now it is 10.5oz for Men and 8.2oz  for the Women. I would say that the shoe now weighs a little bit more than an Altra Torin and about an ounce higher than a Paradigm. It is still a zero drop shoe, classic to the Altra brand, and it still has their nice rounded toe box.

Since they have removed the medial wedge they have added the guide rails for extra medial support. This new trend is great protection for each foot instead of providing a blanket solution that the medial wedge did. Now they can fix one foot without adjusting the other unnecessarily. Altra has added an InnovArch which is this netting that cups and holds your arch in place which I think is pretty cool. It feels great and fast, feels like the perfect mid cushion stability shoe. Even if you are a neutral striking running it’s not going to move you around. This shoe will now be great for anyone that wears it.

Another new feature are on their removable rubber insoles, now they have dimples which help tired feet and circulation which feels like a refreshing feeling which is pretty interesting.

We have an assortment of runners now using this shoe, from marathon runners to people from moving up from the escalate. In terms of size, this feels like the current version of the Torin, so it has some nice width and fits true to size.

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Altra provision
Posted by Katie on May 17th 2020

These shoes are phenomenal. I started with the lone peak 4.0 and needed a new pair. Without hesitation, I ordered the lone peak 4.5 but this was a huge mistake as they rubbed the back of my heels raw. Since moving to the provision i am back to running and my feet thank me! These offer more cushion in the heel if you’re a heel striker and are more forgiving on the knees 🙂

Fits Well like any other Altra
Posted by Adrian on Apr 30th 2020

Stuck at home for weeks, used this when it arrived 15 mins around the block and on the home treadmill. A bit stiff but once loosened up, felt nice. typical altra shoes, high quality. best of all, great service by Steve and co.

Best fit
Posted by jovanne on Apr 21st 2020

These shoes are perfect for my feet. I run 4-5 times a week and so far these are the best shoes I’ve bought. Steve Moore was really helpful he recommended to move up a size and a half, and I’m glad I did.

light and comfy
Posted by joel on Apr 27th 2020

We ordered Paradigm 4.5 and Provision 4.0 both his and hers. Our findings are Paradigm 4.5 be taller and a little more cushion, a little heavier too. The Provision 4.0 seems lighter but hugs heel and has a nice supportive feel. Our current decision is to run in the Provision 4.0 and do our walks in the Paradigm 4.5. We appreciate the coupon code and fast shipment from RunMoore.

Yeah!!! : )

Posted by Jeff on Apr 4th 2020

Although my older provision 3.5's have been great, these newly are a huge improvement. At least according to my feet. : ). My 1st day with them was a mix of walk, jog, and near max speed Intervals. At all speeds, felt like the ideal blend of surface protection, arch correction, and sure-footedness. Very happy with my Altras and Run Moore customer service. Thank you so much!