Turkey Time 2019

The count down is on for every runner’s favorite day, a chilly Turkey Trot followed by stuffing your face with delicious food surrounded by family, what more could we as for?

This fall we’ve been enjoying hearing everyone’s followup stories from all their races. We have to give major props to those who were dealing with the deluge during the Marine Corps Marathon! But from cross country to the Baltimore marathon it is really great when we get to hear the whole cycle of someones racing experience. When we first moved in to the new shop a few people were hesitant to add their goals to the wall, but after a few weeks it is so impressive to hear about runners chatting about their progress and preparing for the start line, even some coming in to check off their goal. 

If you are working towards please come and write it up on the new goal board, after hearing about this years success I am convinced it must be a good luck charm.  We can also set you off on the right foot with the right fuels and gear.

We are happy to announce that one of our long time employees Sean won his conference championship and his team won the title. We look forward to seeing how Sean and the rest of our staff preform at Nationals in a couple of weeks!

Also, it is almost time to bust out the apron and get your holiday recipes tightened up. Our Run Moore Bake Off is coming up soon! Last year we had a great turnout and shared some wonderful treats. Many of the participants even donated food and toys to those in need. It may have been my favorite event of all 2018. I am sure the competition will be harder than ever as everyone wants to win the coveted Run Moore Star Baker title. 

As always, thanks for all the support and I hope to see everyone this month’s pub run and at our big Black Friday/Small Business Saturday events. 

See you around town,