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Newbies. Posted on 10/15/14

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So the Run Moore training program has been going for about a month now. I wanted to share a quick story from the group. First, I should say that not all of the group are newbies. We have a seasoned runner looking to add some speed for an upcoming marathon all the way through to a pair who prior to joining us had never run. Like ever.

The group meets twice a week with one run focused on speed work and the other a distance day. For anyone who has no running background this is an intimidating process. Despite being brand new our pair of total newbies have stuck to the plan and have been enduring all the aches and pains that come with taking up running. Last Saturday on a drizzly and foggy morning our new runners made it the whole loop, 3.4 miles, without stopping.  One of them even took a hard fall within a quarter mile of the finish but popped right up and continued on. She was not to be denied this day.

I was lucky to be with them as they finished along with some of the rest of the group. We got to see two people who have worked very hard in the last month celebrate a task that would have seemed impossible not long ago. It was an awesome moment that lifted my spirits all day and reminded me why I got into this. We all come from different backgrounds but running brings us all together. We can all have our own moments if we set goals and stick to a plan.

Congrats Becky and Danielle!