New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v11

New Balance is a famous long-standing name of quality running shoes. While many people suspect some of their shoes are too generic for “serious” runners New Balance has had a range of secret specialty running shoes that are only available in specialty running stores. Until COVID-19 we were not allowed to broadcast that we had these shoes in our store, let alone talk about them on our YouTube channel or advertise them on our website. We are thrilled that we are able to talk about one of our favorite New Balance shoes the 880 and its sibling the 860.

What is New in Version 11?

One of the more noticeable differences is that we have a brand new name for this shoe, it is now known as the New Balance Fresh Foam 880 v11. Fresh foam is New Balance’s propriety foam blend. It is spongey and responsive. Each brand has its own way of doing that midsole protection. In previous New Balance models, it was called True Fuse, but now they have converted everything to fresh foam. Fresh Foam feels softer yet provides some stability, compared to version 10 you can really feel a difference in softness.

In the last model, some users complained that the Ultra Heel was not as secure as they would like. With version 11 I think that the new heel cup feels great. We have been selling this shoe for about a month and none of our customers have complained about the heel yet.

As a whole, New Balance runs fairly wide. Previously we might have to suggest sizing up but with this model I find the sizing to be perfect.

What is the difference between the New Balance 860 and 880?

The 860 is perfect for someone who overpronates needs medial support or protection. Whereas the 880 is the neutral companion. The 880 is an everyday training shoe with a bit of protection. As you can see, the 880 is consistent in its durability in full midsole completely of fresh foam.
As a stability shoe, the 860 has a little bit of posting in the middle. If you are wondering how to tell the difference between neutral and stability shoes look on the medial side for a bit of plastic or posting.

new balance 860 review
Posting on the medial side show that the 860 is a stability shoe
New Heel Cup
review of the new balance 880
Fresh Foam evenly dispersed around the shoe to show that the 880 is a neutral shoe

Guide Rails have been quite popular in 2020, we see many brands such as Altra, Brooks and even a few Hokas use this new technology. This is popular because Guide Rails can support both under and overpronators.

The New Balance 860 is an old school supportive shoe, it has a medial support structure that is designed only for people that overpronate.

That being said this shoe is excellent at what it does. We see many customers come in who have a doctor’s/podtriatists note recommending this shoe. The 860 is a great everyday function shoe for both running and walking.  This New Balance shoe feels very soft and is protected and is at a great price point. To me, $130 is a great deal  for the crown jewel of New Balance stability shoes.  In my opinion there is a reason why New Balance has been around for so long, because their durability, quality are excellent.

New Balance Fresh Foam 860 vs Asics GT2000

Both shoes are everyday stability trainers that have posting on the medial side. The Asics is a great shoe that has great stability but it feels incredibly clunky in comparison. It feels so stiff in the midfoot, and does not have the same softness or flexibility has the 860.

Weight and Widths

  • Weight Men’s 11.4oz
  • Women’s 9.2 oz, both weights are lighter than the previous model.
  • Narrow through to a 2E for women.
  • Narrow through to a 4E for men.

Plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, really comfortable, doctor recommended a dependable name like New Balance.

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