Thanks for checking out our overdue newsletter. We have been tinkering with this for weeks now because every time we were about to get it out something changed. This is been such a crazy experience and being closed for 60 days was terrifying. I think we are hopefully on the other side of this now and we’re thrilled to be back to a somewhat normal routine. We are back open with some new hours and thanks to our larger space we have stayed clear of the 50% capacity mark. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get together for a group run soon. We are anxious to get out and run with y’all soon!.

Thank you all for your continued support, stay safe and hopefully we will see you around town soon!


Side Note

Run Moore had a nice shoutout about some of the things we did during the shutdown inĀ Carroll Magazine. It’s a nice read and also talks about some other business and their own hustle last few months. I wanted to take a moment and mention the amazing staff here. The article talks about some of the things we were doing to keep the lights on but there was so much happening behind the scenes. We never took any time and officially shut down. We were working every day on the website, social media ideas, zoom calls with other running shops, delivering products in our cars, and anything else we could do. Poor Colleen had to endure a zillion panicked texts for the 60 days we were closed. The end result is we are here and standing strong. I am so proud of what we did the last few months and the attitude we carried during it.