July 2019

What a summer we’ve had here at the shop! We almost moved a half dozen times, I hurt my hand falling on a run that ended up requiring surgery, we launched a new website, we had one of our biggest manufacturers leave us without product for months, two staff moved out of the country, we had a shoe review blow up the interwebs, our AC totally gave out and now we are finally moving. All this before Labor Day!

This Sunday was our last day operating out of our current location. On Thursday, August 1st we’ll open our doors at our new Main Street home. The space is amazing and I can’t even believe it’s ours. It’s been a frustrating summer trying to get everything finalized with the move and the appropriate permits. Even as I type this we are waiting on some details to sort out. In the end, I’m sure the wait will worth it and this delay all happened for a reason.

So, we’ll be open as normal at the new spot starting August 1st but there’s still going to be work to finish some up the layout and with incoming products. We’re considering the first two weeks our soft open with the expectation to be fully ready for our Grand Reopening on August 17th. That will be the big annual anniversary event with some of our favorite vendors, raffles, tax-free shopping and all the other craziness that comes with that event. We’ll have five years to celebrate on 8/17 and we hope the whole running community comes out to join us.

Thanks for all of the continued support!