Let’s hear from our #IRunMoore Ambassador, Shane Cox. I really enjoy his #mondaymotivation posts and hope you are too! 🏃🏻‍♂️

Sometimes running goals feel like we’re taking a flying leap of faith and hoping we land on our feet. We feel excited and exhilarated to take on a new challenge as we jump. It’s so exciting!

But somewhere in mid-air the euphoria wears off and we wonder about being able to nail the landing. Maybe we’ve had a few bad training runs, an injury, or hoped to see more progress. A heightened sense of reality sets in.

Often we become hyper-critical of ourselves and our progress before we’ve given ourselves the time to reach a goal. We second guess our decision to jump and have doubts. The important thing to remember is that one way or another you’re going to hit the ground. How you land is still up to you!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the only way to finish is a badly executed tumble. Use that apex point of view to assess, plan, and make adjustments. Celebrate every accomplishment in your training arc and don’t trivialize them. Each one is important.

No matter how high or how far your leap carries you, you’ve moved yourself forward. So take the leap, enjoy the view, and stick that landing!