Happy snowy Monday! Let’s check in with our #IRunMoore ambassador Cassandra.

I’ve had many favorite running moments over the years. I think that’s one of the fascinating things about running. It has allowed me to experience the world in a way that I never would have just driving down the road. When you’re out running, you experience the world vastly different from the oblivious nature of traveling that same path in a car. You feel the crispness of the cold air on an early winter morning as it permeates through your cold gear. You hear the birds singing on the first spring day. You see the landscape you never paid attention to even though you’ve driven through it hundreds of times. You plan your running route on roads you’ve never driven down just to enjoy the serenity and experience something new (or maybe you just needed that road to get that extra 0.4 miles on your Garmin!). 

Whatever the case, these are the moments that make me want to continue to run. But my favorite running moment was this photo… my front of the pack husband and this mid-back of the pack wife crossing a finish line together. That may not seem like a greatest moment to some, but for me it is everything. It represents a shared love for each other, of each other’s goals and of a love for running which has brought our family closer together. In the aftermath of cancer, running together as a family (with our daughter) while traveling the world and searching for new countries to explore and race in has become a big part of who we are. This race wasn’t about a PR, it was about finishing this race together. That’s what running does. It brings people together and those shared moments supporting each other are my favorite moments in running!