We are looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday at the Great Westminster Bake Off, we hope you have been practicing. Now let’s check in with our #IRunMoore ambassador Cassandra.

Last week, I shared what brought me to running. This week, I’d like to share a little about the running club that allowed me to grow into the runner I am. Flying Feet is a local Westminster running program. The group consists of runners of all levels, some of whom have run since high school and others who laced up their running shoes for the first time just recently. 

Collectively, we are a family. We support each other’s goals, we cheer each other on, we run with each other in rain and snow, hot and cold, good days and bad. If it wasn’t for this group, I may have never achieved what I have with my running. Coach Dave Griffin provides the guidance that we all need tailored to our own individual goal races. Running is about so much more than just heading out the door for your run. It’s about learning and understanding the body mechanics behind your form, learning about yourself and developing strategies for overcoming the mental challenges that everyone from the beginner to the elite runner faces when the training day or the race didn’t go as planned.

If I had had to tackle all that on my own, I would never have stuck with it. Finding friends to run with who are at your level (Shout out Jan!) provides the commitment for getting out of bed on an early morning.

The comradely of showing up at a practice, at a local race and even travelling together to other races provides a social connection with strangers that soon become friends and family.