carroll county indoor track

Donate Here: Carroll County Indoor Track 

The outlook for track and field at the high school level in Carroll County looks pretty bleak. Each season, tens of thousands of dollars are spent transporting Carroll County athletes to other indoor facilities. If something does not change soon, the programs will be cut, and hundreds of student-athletes will not be able to compete. Carroll County desperately needs an indoor track to keep these teams running.

The benefits of high school track and field go far beyond physical health. Running fosters discipline, time management, leadership and of course, friendship. Fortunately, there is a group of dedicated people who plan to build a state of the art facility here, in Carroll County -but we need your support.

By installing an indoor track, we could lower travel expenses and even host competitions which would benefit both high school, and college athletes. The indoor track would also be open to the public during designated hours.

Through your support, we hope to make this ambitious idea a reality. We appreciate your donation, and we will keep you updated as this plan develops. Thank you!


  1. September 2017
  2. October 2017