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Feeling Golden!

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Feeling Golden!

When I was twelve I began doing little runs around my neighborhood on Sunday night’s. I would run around my hood with my yellow Sony sport Walkman. I would do a mile or so around by my friend Timmy’s house. At some point that year we had a mile run that I took super serious and churned out a 7:30. Timmy missed the run because he had the flu but when he came back the gym teacher made him face the three-loop course around Ridgeview Middle School.

I voluntarily tagged along to keep him company. I am quite confident I was in a small group of people that did a second mile run for kicks at my school. We cruised to a solid 9:10ish run and I was pleased how easy it felt. I continued doing my little loops through seventh and eighth grade every now and again. Every once and awhile I would go to the high school track and run some laps. I am sure it looked odd and I had no plan or pace. I just would run.

Next Monday, April 30th, we are honored to be hosting Golden Harper. When Golden was just twelve years old he ran a marathon at a staggering 6:21 pace. The craziest part is that’s not even what he is most known for. Golden is probably most recognized for founding Altra: the running brand that invented the shoe with the rounded toe box that’s becoming this time period’s “It” girl. Run Moore has been carrying the brand since we opened in 2014. We have a great relationship, and it’s been fun watching them gain in market share over the years. Golden is coming to do an event with us to talk about running in general. He is going to tell his story and give his thoughts on form and injury prevention. Following his talk, I’ll be hosting a Q&A, so bring some fun questions! We are so flattered to be able to do this kind of an event with a guy who threw a total monkey wrench into the traditional shoe scene.

The tickets for this event are $5. We would love to do this as a free event, but we needed to rent a suitably sized venue. Ticket sales will help us cover some of the costs to put on this unique event. We love doing stuff like this, and as long as people continue to show interest, we will keep bringing informative and fun events to the area. Also, I hope everyone makes it out to the pub run this week. I think we should do the loop down Green Street again. The trees are too pretty to pass up!