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By February 25, 2018Running Posts

Despite my best efforts, I have been in a running funk since my fall marathon. I had a nice stretch where I was actually running faster than I was leading up to my race and even though my miles were lower than usual; I was running faster and feeling great. Everything was pointing toward a nice bounce-back race this spring to get my running spirits back. However, no matter how fast I ran my heart was not in it. Something inside of me was holding me back, and when, I would hit the door to run I found myself easily distracted and often running out of routine and not out of joy. Luckily for me, the universe intervened and gave me strep and bronchitis.

It sounds a little nutty but by taking some forced time off I was able to reset my body, and now I find myself setting goals and plans for the first time since my race. I took three days off after my disaster of a marathon but then I was back at it, trying to hold onto to my fitness so I could take another crack at the marathon. What I should have done was take a few weeks to recover both physically and mentally. Getting sick has wiped away all my fall fitness, so I am back to square one. It kind of stinks but also feels pretty good. It’s like I got the bad race benefits out of my system so I can start fresh with fresh legs and a new outlook.

In keeping with my new running attitude, I also have made a new pledge to start running on the trails more. Before work today I was able to get a great run in through the muddy trails of Hashawah with my buddy Mike. He is a trail expert and having someone that can lead the way has been a total blessing. Every time we are able to get out together I feel totally rejuvenated.

It’s so nice to not worry about splits or pace. We never talk about how fast (or slow) we are running and I get secretly pumped when we hit muddy sections and when I get my shoes dirty. It has made me appreciate running in a way I have not felt in a long time. When I was a younger man, with a head full of carefree hair, trails were a part of my daily running. It made my legs feel better during the high mileage days of colligate running and were the backdrop to some of my fondest memories as a high school runner. As I’ve gotten older, the trails have become an afterthought. This spring I am committing myself to at least one run a week at the trails, and I am so happy about it.

In addition to my personal runs on the trail, I am very excited to announce that Mike and are going to be instructing an intro class on trial running for Carroll Community College. It’s going to be a fun and a great opportunity for people that want to learn the network of trails in the area. If you are looking to add some fun to your running and meet some new runners than check out the class. It’s going to be a great way to learn the area trails as well as learn some tips on how to incorporate trails into your road repertoire. If you have questions about the class feel free to reach out to me, just be sure to refer to me as Professor Moore!

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