Holiday Happenings at Run Moore

On a muddy trail run this week, I had a wonderful exchange with a few of my training pals. One pair had recently completed their first 100k (that’s over 62 miles 😮). In the group was also a relativity new runner with zero aspirations to ever run anything more than 10 miles, a longtime runner training for a half marathon PR and myself looking to run a big spring marathon. The 100k guys didn’t understand those who race shorter distances because to them, running has nothing to do with speed. Running is an adventure, the time it takes to get to the finish line is meaningless. Meanwhile, two of us are still dreaming of fast races and personal glory and talk frequently in nerdy stats and times. The third couldn’t care less about any races and just runs to simply run plus he enjoys all the added benefits it provides.

It was a great group of guys trudging through mud with different goals and outlooks on running but out there together we were living our best life with mud caked up to our knees. It was a great reminder of how running can be viewed differently by different people and no matter what the end game is we can still go out together and enjoy each other’s company while trying not to fall.

This year has by far been the most amazing year for the shop. We were named one of the Top 50 Running Stores in the USA, we won Best Sporting Goods Store in the Best of Carroll voting and we moved into a dream location. It’s been an unbelievable stretch for us and thank you all for helping us close out the decade on such a great year. Thanks for making us a part of your holiday season and if you are still hunting for ideas we’ll be here for you in shop or online.