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November Newsletter 2018

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It’s funny how when you get in the final taper for the big race, and you finally have time to sleep, your brain refuses to let you do so. When the miles are high, and you want to sleep standing up, you can’t because you have to train. Then you get to the stretch when you should be able to relax, and your brain wants to pester you with race worry. The joys of racing! Read More

September Newsletter 2018

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I was listening to a podcast over the weekend, and they discussed how kids who play video games have a hard time transitioning into physical sports—specifically, kids who find themselves on unsuccessful teams. The point was that kids playing, say, an NFL game on Xbox tend to turn off a game when losing. Down a TD in the second half? Just hit reset and play until you win. Don’t allow the loss to tarnish your record or memory. When that same kid plays a soccer game and their team is down a few goals, it’s hard to find the moxie to finish. They’d rather reset the game, or worse, find a new sport. Read More

Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Review

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Hi guys its Steve again from Run Moore, Carroll County’s Premier Running store in Westminster MD.

In this video, I review the new Altra Lone Peak 4.0, how it compares to its previous model, the Altra Lone Peak 3.5, and how it differs from Altra’s other shoes, like the Altra Superior 3.5 and Torin 3.5. Read More