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October Indoor Track Update

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October Indoor Track Update!
I wanted to put a quick post about the indoor track project. This is moving so fast that I feel like any information I share will be outdated by the time you read this. In the past week, a few things have transpired, and I wanted to make everyone aware of where we are as of now.

The Carroll Indoor Track at the Shipley Arena (our tentative name) has officially partnered with the Community Foundation of Carroll County. By doing so, we have been set up with our 5013C status and can start fundraising. Last month, when I sent out the newsletter, we had someone email me asking how they could donate towards the project. We now can take donations that can be claimed as a tax write off (the link is below). I would like to say Laura – that was such an awesome email and it made us all excited that people in the community are going to get behind this. Thank you.

For those who don’t know our goal is to have a removable, banked, indoor track up and running in the Shipley Arena by November of 2018. The Shipley Arena is located at the Ag Center, which gives us a great location with ample parking and a building that is already established. This is a very short amount of time to get this going but the likelihood of indoor track being canceled at the high school level within two years is very real. We need the community support on this, and in the coming months, you’ll hear about various fundraising campaigns and events to help raise some of the funds as well as spread the word to all local runners. The track will be used by youth, high school, colligate and adult runners from November through February.

I am delighted in saying that for the time being I have been named President of the track and the track project. I will be putting a team around me to help make this happen, but it will certainly take me out of the shop from time to time. I would never sign on to a project that would effect Run Moore if I didn’t think it was extremely important and if I did not have the right people to help keep the store going in its current direction.  Thank you all for the continued support of the shop, and I ask you to please help spread the word about this project. To pull this off, it’s going to take a total team effort from everyone, much like having a successful track team.


Want to help? Donate here: Carroll County Indoor Track 

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An Indoor Track in Carroll County?

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Cross-country was my introduction into running. I joined my high school team as a freshman and have never looked back. Usually, around this time of the year, I am thinking of my days of struggling through the dip and Hereford or the seven years of competing at Van Cortland Park. However, while the leaves are screaming for fall running, my head is wrapped up in the confines of the indoor track.

I am currently working with a group to bring an indoor track to the county. It’s a project that has had me feeling excited, frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed and proud.

At times the size and scope of what we are doing almost seem impossible. I feel a bit over my head throwing around figures that involve “millions” of dollars. However, the reality is, if we can’t get something figured out soon, there is a good chance that high school indoor track in Carroll County could be canceled.

When all of this started, I think I told my wife that there was an 8% chance of it coming to fruition. As time dragged on, I put it down to 4%.

As of this moment, I have that number around 33%. We are getting momentum and possible funding that would not affect any other sports or county money. In the last couple days, the support for this project has been tremendous. It’s clear there is a need in this area, for an indoor track and it is great that the community is behind it.

I will provide updates as frequently as I can, and share as much as I am allowed. I am not promising this is going to happen, but we will work as hard as we can to find to try to ensure that indoor track never has to be shut down due to funding.

It because of this wonderful community that projects like this can even be considered. Who knows, if this all works out we could have a brand new track in two years!


Want to help? Donate here: Carroll County Indoor Track